The air has been steadily humid for a month now, cool and humid, it reminds me of foggy mornings in the mountains or tropical places in winter, it’s almost too cool for August, not that I’m complaining, mind you.

Every now and then I catch a break between raindrops and get out into the garden to breathe in the wet air that coats the lungs like a balm. Add in the green fragrance of flowers and foliage and you got yourself instant aromatherapy.

Vegetation thrives in this constant mist which makes it feel, at least temporarily, like it grows in the middle of a rain forest. The hostas are in plant heaven with their broad leaves perpetually covered in dew, but they put off blooming until the sunshine returns.

I’m hoping that the abundance of water will help the new perennial garden get established, but we won’t see results until next year. For now the plants are working on developing their roots and aerial parts.

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