Birth of the human is the first triumph of every person. All of us now are breathing on this earth as the only luckiest one out of 400 trillion who failed to get born by not meeting the right sperm to the correct egg. From that day onward, we have been trying to continue our victory or success in every effort. It is the sign and evidence to prove the humans are incurred by a win and born to win.

Over many years, I have been studying success. In the study period, It made me frustrated and curious about the nature of success. Sometimes so-called success had endowed irritating results to the world as its aftermath. How could be it? That question induced me in search of more on success.

Defeats, failures, mistakes, and setbacks of any form can lead the human life into endanger conditions from unseen or not predicted causes. The people who have identified this threat through knowledge or by sense, and work hard to encounter them in every second. People have been employing never-ending battle against challenges, as mentioned earlier. Triumphs are gained facing them consider as achievements or success perhaps.

The real conceptual explosion happens at the evaluation of the outcomes of the success has gained by most of the people, because of some outputs can be made happy only some of the people of the world, because that endows the wicked and corrupted impacts as outcomes to many of rest. It is impossible to neglect this segment consider as victims since they are also live on this earth with good humane qualities.

These scenarios obligated to pursue the causes, and identify its relationship with the issue. The first challenge did not have a clear definition. Even after hundreds of definitions were referred, it was impossible to find a broad-minded explanation to understand the nature of true success.

Therefore, defining the success that we expect to obtain and deliver through our effort was the first mission. That challenge led to submit a new definition for success as follows.

"Success is an accomplishment of the objective which contributes for the behavioral, economic, and spiritual standards development of personal, social, and global while promoting the cohabitant, existence, humanities, and technologies through its outputs and outcomes."

Success Style Matrix may look a little broad, extensive, and complicated explanation. If you wish to refer further, the illustration and description have included about this in my publication named “whales lives… Dino Died” at Amazon, it can see at sample read section. The success style matrix is the tool that we expect to use for visualizing the meaning of very complicated explanation in a manner understandable to anyone quickly. It can provide avenues for anyone to appraise any of achievement or concept measure its contribution to real success.

While the success style matrix (Figure 1) works as an indicator of the position for particular activity or concept in sustainable success process, thoughts, and achievements analysis table (Figure 2) supports to categorize its feature compatibility with matching the place in the matrix for that activity or idea.

The model demonstrates the process of the activity and implementation with surrounding components. Further, it reveals its interrelationships with the core subject. We assume that every accomplishment is a combination of motive, action, and results.

Sometimes, people implement the motives of their own and sometimes act as an agent to perform another person's purpose as assignment or duty. The consequences of the causes or actions may be varying per the other component's impact or handling skill of own.

The matrix has emphasized that having an ethical motive is a necessity as a foundation for ending every task in the state of success. This common rule is applicable for anything happening from reading this text to sending a rocket for collecting photographs of the black hole.

As long as managing the relationship between our motive and result, we cant depart from the responsibility of any activity take place due to our purpose. It is the reason for using spirituality quota and materiality quota as two of the vital measuring tools in the success style matrix.

Satisfaction and benefits are the other two monitoring tools have used in the matrix for evaluating the quality of outputs of the achievements are gained. Both of these qualities also extends from ad-hoc to holistic ranges. That depends on its wideness of serving to the globe.

According to the matrix, somebody may have to do jobs were assigned occasionally, even though his or her motive is against that completely. We have called as influenced status.

Our belief is this success style matrix has been developed with the ability to measure all worldly and spiritual thoughts, actions, and outputs. This model can use to measure the quality of activities in the event of work planning too. Hope it provides us better avenues to perform our duty more meaningfully with adding more values.

We expect to examine this with some model situations and incidents for enhancing the understanding of this mechanism. The activity and plan assessment table can develop yourself that will make it easy to identify the quality of our works done or works are being planned, and its contribution to success.

The definition and the matrix precisely highlight the significance of having a good motive behind whatever is we do. Through the activity output analysis, we can divide into three levels the success endowed by their activities.

If the work has been done with good motive and accomplished, producing the expected good results and its implementation process is also admirable and reasonable, such efforts are rated as sustainable and holistic achievements.

Acquisition of wealth through illegal trading is the best available example of pragmatic achievement. If you study carefully, you may find that some achievers motive or action or both of them were not good. Anyhow, they are accepted as successful through the other measuring methods, but according to our definitions, their accomplishment is only a pragmatic success.

There are some incidents that we experience some people become rich by lotteries or receiving other's wealth as heirs. Perhaps, someone takes action to stop a big accident which was nearly to happen. They become heroes in media too.

Even though we can appreciate it, we can't expect such things may happen again and again. Those happenings are considered as ad-hoc achievements. With this information, you can understand well what success is and what kind of objectives, activities, and targets should be nurtured into our life for sustainable success.

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The author has thirty years of long work experience in many fields, and capacities from the salesperson to senior executive. He is a professionally qualified marketer with experience in commercial as well as in the non-governmental sector. His applied knowledge and skills in life skills development and social marketing have highly commended by employers and clients as well.