I was recently asked what my book How To Be Lucky was about, to describe it and say what people would get out of it; I was silent for a minute while I thought about how I could sum up so much in a few sentences. I then described it as a book that will change your life. I explained it is partly autobiographical about how I came from a teenage homeless hostel 15 years ago and went on to become a successful entrepreneur but most importantly it contains my advice on how other people could do something similar. So my real aim when writing it was to write a book that would potentially change the lives of those that read it.

Early on in my journey I discovered how some of my unique circumstances set me up perfectly for a life of empowerment and freedom. It took me a while to refine the tools and techniques but I have no doubt that they are life changing because they changed my life for the better, not just once, but throughout my life.

When you have found success as I have and you are in possession of some powerful strategies that could change the lives of others, you are compelled to share them and I believed the best way to do that was to write a book.

Because of the plethora of self-help books and so called "gurus" out there I know from my own experience that people are only likely to listen to someone who has achieved real success and come a long way on their own journey. Not only that but I have read quite a few books by people from privileged backgrounds and/or were fortunate enough to attend prestigious colleges and universities. People would often tell me they had not got far in life because they came from the wrong place, had no family connections, did not have a decent education or had no financial backing. I wanted to show everyone that none of this is required if you know what I know and I know it because I have done it time and time again.

I wanted to say: "here I am, I did it without family connections, without rich friends, without a college education and starting out from a very lonely and difficult place. If you want to change your life like I did then read my book".

The title of the book How To Be Lucky is ironic and came about because people who did not know my background told me I was lucky which made me realize that people confused luck with success so the book could easily have been How To Be Successful but I thought How To Be Lucky sounded better. How To Be Lucky is not about random chance it's about making things happen, spotting opportunities, how to create your own opportunities and how to use those opportunities.

If you would like to know more about how my book How To Be Lucky could change your life have a look at my blog/website http://mattkinsella.com

I wish you the very best of luck to you in everything you do and I hope you find the kind of success and freedom in your life as I have found in mine.

Author's Bio: 

Matt Kinsella is the author of How To Be Lucky, a book about how Matt came from a teenage homeless hostel to become a successful entrepreneur and his guide to how others can do something similar. How To Be Lucky is not about chance or the kind of luck you need to win the lottery it's about making your own luck. The philosophies and techniques Matt discovered that helped him turn his life around changed his life so much he saw no reason why he could not document them along with his story and turn them into his book How To Be Lucky, to help people achieve great success from nothing in the same way he did.

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