I hope you're doing well. I truly do. This means you have taken some deliberate steps, clear or not so clear action, that has led you to doing well today. You'll know, if you've read some of my other articles, that I'm a firm believer in paying close attention to your thoughts. Thoughts can regulate emotion which can change the chemistry of your body. Thoughts are what must come before anything else. When you realize without thought we wouldn't have airplanes, cellphones, computers, priceless artwork or awe-inspiring architecture, I think you'll quickly understand what I mean. If you start considering the ability thought has for manifesting real items from the proverbial ether, it can become a little overwhelming. You start heading down a philosophical rabbit hole with questions similar to that of the chicken and the egg.

And yet, for as powerful as your thoughts are, they are nothing without action. This brings me to the title of today's article, A Big Dose of Action. You see, while you may wish upon things, it takes some kind of action to turn wishes into reality. The same is true of people that believe their destiny will lead them in the right direction or, dare I say, that it's their god's will. I have known a great many people that placed too much belief in these things only to be let down (tested is the popular phrasing used). Make no mistake - their beliefs, wishes, and prayers are still powerful. However, and quite interestingly, it's as if they have a built in mechanism for failure. 'Just believe', 'have faith', 'it's destiny', 'it's god's will', are all disillusioned mantras. Well meaning, but disillusioned.

First, sayings like these take power away from the individual. These ideas will have someone meditate on a thought, then go about their life with the thread of a hope that some divine force will read, what is essentially, a cosmic text message, and respond. People are being told to think and then do nothing more. Let the universe or supreme being handle things from here. Then, if they don't receive a response, more onus is placed upon the shoulders of said individual. They didn't pray enough, didn't believe, didn't have faith. More praying, believing, or faith is needed.

Second, sayings like these teach people to rely on something that will let them down time-after time (because they haven't figured out how to take action for themselves) and then are told to treat it as the cost of doing business. Well, if you owned a company and had an employee that let you down over and over, would you continue to employ them hoping that one day they'll come through for you? I hope your answer is a resounding no. My point, and the argument that I'm making, is that more action is required. Remember,thought is nothing without action.

The airplane didn't build itself once it was conceived.

I want to make it clear that I'm not attacking religion or anyone's beliefs. What I am attacking is the idea that once we've put the thoughts out into the universe, we should just sit back, relax and reap rewards. WAKE UP!

Help yourself!

We all need some help to get where we're going. Especially if you're trying to build something for yourself and your family. We need help to build our brand or our business. We need help to travel the world, read all the classics, or write one. In practically all aspects of our lives, we rely on others, in one fashion or another, to help us. However, what I've been seeing too often is that we're also starting to foster a dangerous idea among younger generations. The idea that you don't need to be responsible for your actions. The idea that you can rely on the government, or someone to take pity on you, or all of those disillusioned ideas because you didn't want to do something as basic as helping yourself. Take Action!

Don't continue sitting there wishing something would happen for you. Make it happen!

Focus your thoughts like a laser beam, see exactly what it is you're after, and attack it without mercy.

I'm always astounded by the amount of content floating around about the difference between 'regular' people and the wealthiest 1% of the world. I can tell you , because it's no secret, one of the biggest differences is that the wealthiest 1% didn't sit around making excuses. They didn't wish and pray upon it in hopes that a giant building full of money with their name on it would fall out of the sky. They took action!

They risked a lot and when they got knocked down (and they all did!) they didn't blame others and give up. They saw opportunities to learn and adjust and they grew even bigger.

Guess what?

It all started with a thought. A thought of what they wanted to become, what they wanted to build, how they wanted to help change the world. Then, with their laser like focus, they attacked it without mercy. And when they met with failure, they looked it in the eyes, shook its hand and thanked it for the chance to learn because in their mind, they were not going to fail. They never saw this as a possibility. Why do you think so many of them have little to no empathy for the poor and struggling? Because they know you could do what they've done if you tried. If you stop making excuses. Stop waiting. Just Act!

If you're entertaining the idea of starting your own company, do it. Don't wish upon it. Don't say the time isn't right. Stop making excuses. If you limit and eventually eliminate those negative thoughts from your pattern of thinking, you stop relying on a belief outside of yourself that only serves to make you feel weak and powerless, and you start taking action, you will have success.

That building full of money with your name on it will be built with your hands.

To your continued growth,


Author's Bio: 

Jason Magill is a respected Licensed Professional Counselor that focuses on behavior modification to help men, women and children achieve goals. He is a husband and father of three. He specializes in working with children and adolescents but started his career working with adults in Chicago, IL. He co-founded, with his wife, Salus Personal Solutions to offer others a way to find the sound advice they desperately seek without the many barriers that often get in the way. You can visit their website at http://saluspersonalsolutions.com/