As promised before it was pre-empted by the purported “End of the World”, here are the basics of tapping. If you really get “into” it, you will want to check out a couple of sites:, Carol Look’s website, and

These two sites will open up an abundance (an over-whelming abundance) of information and instructions on tapping for you.

If, however, you just want to dip your toes in the water to check the temperature before you dive in, read on.

Tapping derives from the ancient Chinese art of acupuncture. It does, however, have two advantages over acupuncture: it doesn’t use needles (always a plus) and you can do it yourself in the privacy of your home, office, park bench, or wherever.

The first tapping point is called the karate chop. Make a fist. Place the four fingers of the other hand on the side of your hand, below the pinkie. Tap with those four fingers as you say the set up phrase. You don’t have to bruise your hand or bloody your fingers; just tap firmly enough that you can feel a good, solid thud each time you tap.

The set up phrase begins with “Even though….”, lists the particular problem you are tapping about, and ends with an affirmation of yourself. For instance, I might say, “Even though I have a few (!) pounds to lose, I love and accept myself just the way I am.”

After you have identified the problem you want to tap about, determine how badly, on a scale of 1-10, the problem bothers you. If, as in the ever-perennial weight loss scenario, you really, really REALLY want to lose a few pounds so that you’ll look good and attract the attention of that dreamy hunk on your bowling team, you might decide that the problem of those extra pounds ranks as a 10.

Repeat your set up phrase three times as you tap on the karate chop spot. You don’t have to repeat the set up phrase exactly the same each time. Just remember to start “Even though”, state the problem, and end with an affirmation.

Then take a deep breath. Let it out.

Now, take two fingers and tap at the inside corner of your eyebrow, just where the hair begins, while you re-state the problem: tap, tap, tap, “these extra pounds”, tap, tap, tap.

Next, tap at the outside corner of your eye just where you feel the edge of the bony orbit: tap, tap, tap “I don’t feel good about myself with all this extra weight”, tap, tap, tap.

Below the eye, at the edge of the orbit, is the next point: tap, tap, tap “I don’t see how anyone could be interested in me when I have all this extra weight” tap, tap, tap.

Tap on the philtrum, the vertical grove just below the nose: tap, tap, tap “I just wish I could lose some of this weight” tap, tap tap.

Now tap in the crease below your mouth and above your chin: tap, tap, tap “But I enjoy eating so much!” tap, tap, tap.

In order to cover the collarbone area, the next tapping point, you might want to use your fist or the flat of your hand. Just tap it right where the bony points protrude just below your neck: tap, tap, tap “and I eat because I’m so unhappy about all the extra weight I carry” tap, tap, tap.

Next, tap under your arm, at your side, about four inches from your armpit or, if you are a woman, right where your bra strap is. Tap with two-four fingers: tap, tap, tap “I know that eating because of stressing over weight is a self-defeating practice” tap, tap, tap.

Finally, tap on the top of your head: tap, tap, tap “and I want to stop using food as a cure for stress” tap, tap, tap.

Take a deep breath. Let it out. Ask yourself how you rate the problem now. Has it gone down from a 10 to, say, a 7? You might want to do another round. Keep doing it until you get the problem down to a 1 or 2.

Please don’t feel that you have to follow the wording I used above slavishly. Use your own words to speak your own truth. After doing a round or two, you may find another issue that you need to tap on. For instance, in the hypothetical case above, we discovered that we use food to self-medicate because of stress. You might need to tap about that: “Even though I know that I use food to self-medicate because of stress, I deeply love and accept myself the way I am.”

Or you might want to tap about the issue of a sense of unworthiness: “Even though I don’t see how anyone could possibly love me the way I am, I choose to love and accept myself just the way I am.”

You may find that you need to address these new issues before you can make much progress with the original problem. Don’t worry about that. As you discover new issues, just tap on them. When you have them down to a magnitude of 1 or 2, go back to the original problem.

As you get down to a magnitude of 5 or 6, you may find it a pleasant change to switch from negative phrases to positive affirmations as a reward for your work and to raise your vibrations.

Well, there you have the basics. Choose a problem (surely you can find one or two) and start tapping today. Give it a fair trial and be on the lookout for surprising changes in your focus, your attitude, and your life. If you have any questions, you can email me at and we’ll talk about it.

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I am a Baby Boomer who is reinventing herself and an internet entrepreneur focusing on self-help for the Baby Boomer generation. I spent sixteen years serving as pastor in United Methodist congregations all over Kansas. Those congregations were made up primarily of Baby Boomer or older members, so I developed some expertise with the Baby Boomer generation. I am now on leave of absence and living in Atchison, Ks. with my almost-thirty year old son and two cats. I also help my daughter, also living in Atchison, with three sons, ages 8, 6, and 18 mos, while their father is in Afghanistan. My website is found at