If you have never been to paintball, let me spell out the thrilling of this sport which is full of fun. Even the history and records of the game are very strange.

To say some weird thing, the first winner of paintball even, Ritchie White, won the trophy with throwing a bullet and there was no team in the first paintball game.

Many people consider paintball a dangerous game because it involves a gun and shooting. But, paintball is much safer comparing any school sport!

Do you now realize its felicity and want to dive into the orb of paintball? As a beginner, you need to know about the types of games, rules to follow, accessories, and the right gun for a newbie.

Essential Accessories for Ballers

A player who plays paintball is called a baller. As a beginner, you should know about the accessories involved in the game and their usages.

Paintball guns: guns are also known as paintball markers. You can check My Frisk for some good reviews on high-quality guns. I suggest a cheap and durable gun for beginners.

Facemask: wearing a facemask protects your face from the direct hit by paintballs.

Hopper: simply it’s a container that holds paintballs.

Air tank: they are filled with CO2 gas or compressed air to throw paintballs.

Thick layer clothes: such outfits will protect your body from hit and cut on the battlefield.

Gloves and pads: wearing them on the knee, elbow, and chest will protect you from accidental impact and bullet hit.

Basic Game Plan in the Field

Having a good plan will always make you the winner. Following some rules will make your goal easily achievable.

1. Be physically fit before a game to handle extreme conditions.
2. Check and monitor the field carefully before starting the game.
3. Keep good cooperation with the team strategy.
4. Know what your game plan is and work accordingly.
5. Try to guess your opponents’ strength, weapon and game plan.
6. Set trap for your opponent. For instance, move a camouflage jacket that looks like you and encourage the opponent to fire amiss.
7. Moving is a dominant technique, but learn when and how to move.
8. Understand your gun’s capacity. If you are not confident, don’t shoot.
9. Keep good communication with your team members for better performance.
10. When your opponent is out of range, never shoot and save your paints for next.
11. Understand and discover the best time to fire, otherwise your opponent will take advantage in the spot.
12. Show-off won’t help you, only a perfect plan and strategy will do.
13. Never use the same game plan in the next even.

Basic Safety Rules

Though paintball is safe in general, follow these safety rules in case of an emergency.
1. Never forget to wear a mask.
2. Stop if you are injured anyhow.
3. Don’t fire blindly to the opponent.
4. Be surrendered if you are caught.
5. Do not shoot more than recommended 280 FPS.
6. Plug your gun’s barrel before and after the game to avoid accidental firing.

Paintball is a safe and sound sport when you maintain all the rules and use the necessary gear. The sport is helpful to improve your tactical skills as well as good for physical fitness. If you are in a vacation, pick a paintball marker, and try it out.

Author's Bio: 

Steven Miller is a hobby shooter and the lead product reviewer. He is so much passionate about collecting guns and writes in-depth reviews regarding those guns for beginners.