With the relief of putting the pandemic outrage behind us, the vaccine & all-in motion, we are relaxed enough to make some party plans. Though corona has not gone from our lives completely, at least the worst seems to be over. A good party equals a good amount of alcohol (almost every time ??). Thus, to order alcohol online is a fast-catching trend what with the lockdown & social distancing requirements.
Wine – “The drink of Gods” (Luckily available at liquor store delivery these days??)
Wine has managed to take the top spot, period when it comes to a choice at enjoying a classic drink. Basically, classified into two categories, viz; Red & White wine, the subcategorization is vast & dates as old as 6000 BC with its origins in Georgia & Iran. Each wine offers its distinct taste & personality, all now available readily at wine delivery online.
While it dates back to older times, there is evidence of wines being used in ceremonies as well as for medicinal & cosmetic purposes. Legends say, Cleopatra promised Marc Anthony that she would drink the value of the province' in one cup of wine, and then she drank a cup of wine with an expensive pearl in it (WOW!! & imagine we can have it all through liquor delivery at home)
Buying Wine
Wine is a seemingly simple beverage that is appreciated by one & all. Though it becomes more complex the more you study it, it doesn’t matter how much you know, you can still enjoy it. Being clear of what you are looking for, not stressing over labels & age while finding the niche where your taste fits in, can be some tips to stick to for a beginner’s wine hunting process (or just order alcohol online). Thanks to the liquor delivery apps now handy to us, they help in understanding & choosing the best bottles per our liking.
Tasting Wine
To sniff out & untangle the threads that weave into complex wine aromas is the key to honing your wine tasting skills. Aroma plays a major role in the otherwise muted flavor while choosing our favorite wine. ‘A good sniff’ will help you isolate flavor thus sometimes assign a language of its own to it.
Here’s a quick list of 9 major styles of wines:
• Sparkling wine: Sparkling as the word suggests, came about in France in line with Champagne. Cava, Prosecco & few others fall into this style of wines.
• Light-bodied White wine: Light wines are like the ‘beer’ of wines. Sold extensively in online alcohol delivery as well. Pinot Grigio & Sauvignon Blanc amongst few.
• Full-bodied White wine: A rich smooth taste with subtle creaminess to it makes it perfect for wine lovers. Besides Chardonnay, a classic choice for this wine, Viognier is another option to explore.
• Aromatic (sweet) White wine: Known as Cleopatra’s favorite drink, the Muscat of Alexandria from Greece, these are almost perfumed & have an explosive aroma to them. You may try tasting Torrontes & Riesling amongst others handy at a liquor store delivery.
• Rosé Wine: A true winemaker’s wine, Rosé was popularized in the late 1700s as French wines, due to its pale red color. Try out Grenache, Syrah for a classic version of dry style Rosé.
• Light-bodied Red wine: Typically, pale in color & very light tannin, light red wines are some of the most coveted wines in the world. Pinot Noir is a classic example of this style of wine. Get this wine delivery at your doorstep.
• Medium-bodied Red wine: The perfect mid-week wine for wine lovers, these wines are ideal to match with a variety of foods due to their acidic nature. Grenache, Barbera is a few to try in this category had by wine delivery at doorsteps.
• Full-bodies Red wine: High on tannin, these are the deepest & the darkest ones of all the varieties having the most palate-cleansing effects. This makes it an ideal choice to pair them with meat or steaks. A Shiraz, Malbec, or Pinotage are perfect examples of how bold wines can be.
• Dessert wine: Most intensely flavored & romantic ?? wines of all, these are available in both sweet & dry categories. Port or any late harvest white wine has a great preview of what dessert wines offer. The easy way to get your hands on this one is to order alcohol online.
Pairing Wine
Though there are no set rules for pairing your wine with specific food items, it doesn’t hurt to fall in line with a few of them for beginners. One of the major ones is complimentary & congruent pairing. A complimentary pairing is that of high acidic white wine with traditional Mac & cheese with a creamy sauce to compliment the flavors. Whereas, in a congruent pairing, white wine with creaminess will add to the creaminess of the same food. Here are a few pro-tips to go with: Wine should be more acidic & sweeter than the food. Wine should be matched with the sauce & the flavor intensity rather than the food itself. Red wines are best paired with red meat& steaks, while the white variety goes well with chicken or seafood. A Sauvignon Blanc, for example, is light-bodied but highly acidic. Whereas, in Chardonnay, it’s vice versa. Pinot Noir is lighter-bodied with less tannin (bitterness). On the other hand, a Cabernet Sauvignon is full-bodied & high on tannin. Unlike other alcoholic beverages, the taste of wine takes time to develop for the newly joined wine tasting brigade. As famously said, practice makes a man perfect (a wine lover enthusiast in our case??). All this (& more) said & done, wine can go with both, a wild party or even a quiet peaceful home set up & can be appreciated in the company of family & friends. The option to order alcohol online has added to the comforts of sitting home & getting your favorite beverage delivered at your doorsteps. So, hey fellas, hold your wine glass by the stem. Smell your wine. Sniff it, taste it. Think about it. Experience it as a whole episode. Don’t forget to opt for a liquor store delivery whenever needed.
Go ahead & pop a cork to enjoy the drink of Gods. Happy drinking & Salut!!

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