You could see the pure joy in each of the three horses as they charged across the field . . .

Their tails flying in the wind . . . their hooves pounding . . . the whinnies and neighs filling the air . . . these horses were experiencing the kind of happiness that only comes on the heels of pain and fear. On this day - after months of separation, surgery and a long road to recovery - a brother and 2 sisters were reunited. Today a family was made whole again thanks to the work of the Gentle Barn.

See, close to a year before this happy reunion, one of the galloping horses could barely walk. Worthy, the youngest, had been born with a common horse deformity called Windswept Angular Limb Deformity. It gave her a knocked knee.

Usually corrective surgery is performed soon after birth. However, Worthy did not receive this care. Consequently, she suffered with the deformity for a year, painfully hobbling around and losing weight dramatically.

A Fighting Spirit Made All The Difference In This Horse Rescue

Her condition was so bad that the surgeon The Gentle Barn consulted with about her problem recommended putting her down. But after meeting Worthy, Gentle Barn founder Ellie Laks sensed Worthy had a strong fighting spirit in her. She decided they should give Worthy every chance she had to fight for a life of freedom and movement.

Leaving their brother, Chris, behind, Worthy and her sister, Indie, were taken to the Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital in Kentucky. Thanks to the highly skilled team of surgeons, Worthy was given this second chance. After removing a wedge of her leg bone, Worthy’s leg straightened out.

To make sure the recovery from surgery went as smoothly as possible, The Gentle Barn folks have made sure Worthy gets lots of love. And thanks to donations of powdered and liquid chlorella and pet nutrition supplements, she’s getting the best nutrition ever.

Chlorella’s chlorophyll and chlorella growth factor (CGF) are perfect for helping Worthy’s leg grow strong and healthy after surgery. In the 1940’s and 50’s, chlorophyll was a favorite of surgeons in helping wounds heal properly. Chlorella has more concentrated chlorophyll than any other plant on earth. CGF has the amazing ability to help tissues rebuild quickly and solidly.

All this special care has paid off. Because now - only a few months since her surgery - Worthy can gallop over to greet her brother and welcome him to her pasture in Kentucky where she’s staying until her leg is strong enough for her to travel to The Gentle Barn in California.

Over and over again in my work, I’m struck by how strong the will to live is. Worthy’s recovery and other horse rescue stories like hers underscore how by simply giving an animal chance and a little extra love, we can bring this will to live out.

Ellie saw a fighting spirit inside of this disabled horse. May we all join her in respecting life and supporting it wherever we can.

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About Dr. William Farber, DVM

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