Countless backpackers roam around the streets of Metro Manila in search of fun and adventure. Making the most of your time in this place essentially requires a good Manila information guide because it is a huge place. Manila is where people from all parts of the world can experience something truly unique. From riding jeepneys to eating halo-halo, church hopping to historical sight-seeing, luxury hotels to adrenaline pumping night life, this place offers a little bit of everything.

Even the most extreme backpacker in Manila needs a good Manila guide. Its tall buildings and crowded streets make it rather hard to navigate even with a map. You wouldn’t want to waste valuable time and expenses getting lost in the city. This is why it is highly important for any backpacker to know where exactly to stay and go, so he can make the most out of his visit. This is why a short and easy-to-use Manila information guide can be very helpful, even if backpacking is generally about adventure-seeking, worry-free travelling.

Accommodation for backpackers

The best place where you can find cheap and backpacker-friendly accommodation is Malate. You will want to try looking in Adriatico Street, which has a number of hostels and guest rooms especially built for adventure-seekers. One of the premier destinations for backpacking is Friendly’s Guesthouse where you can get a shared fan room for as low as PhP325 a night. This hostel is essentially perfect for backpackers, as sometimes the best Manila guide is not written in paper. You will get to meet all sorts of travelers whom you can share useful information with and even become companions with as you tour the city. Some of the other backpacker hostels in Adriatico Street have similar room rates. These include Malate Pensionne, Stargate Pensionne, and Joward's Pension House.

Loving Manila nightlife

There are unlimited ways in which you can enjoy the metropolitan night scene. There are no official guides for Manila nightlife, but one particular place you might want to check out is Burgos Street in Makati. This short road is a cluster of night clubs and bars where many backpackers and foreigners party all night long until the early hours of the morning. The Fort in Taguig hosts a number of restaurant bars and exclusive clubs. Another popular nightlife destination for tourists is Resorts World Manila, which is located right in front of NAIA 3 and beside the Mariott Hotel. You might also want to go to Timog Avenue in Quezon City which hosts a number of places for all-night partying such as White Avenue, Dolce Superclub, and Guilly’s Bar.

The Philippines has been a popular destination for backpackers for quite some time now. You don’t actually need thick and boring Manila guide books to explore the many interesting features of this city. By knowing where to find affordable places to stay and going to the best entertainment spots, you can make the most out of your vacation in Manila and even meet a lot of interesting people along the way.

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