Eating must be pleasurable. Our lessons come from history when individuals often took their time seeking out local foods and then took their time to enjoy eating them.

Please use the following ideas for yourself wherever you are in the world.

Switch your eating practice from “have to” to “want to”.

A favorite style of eating is Tapas. Spanish tradition offers Tapas (small portions of food) as a snack. How about eating Tapas as your main meal? An example of Tapas includes local Brie cheese, local greens, local raw honeycomb, and apples. You can order five different Tapas dishes as a meal, and enjoy wine with it. Making food fun, tasty, healthy, and interesting is key.

Local fish is a great choice, and you can avoid eating any endangered fish.

Get access to a guide on how to sustainable fish in your area. You can also use to gain access to local veggies and chicken, turkey, beef, etc. in your area.

This may be different for you, at first, but it’s more cost effective long-term, and healthier than your local grocery store (on average).

Farmer’s market finds or organic produce are staples. Use local greens, sea salts, cabbage, tomatoes, avocado, for a great, and healthy, salad. Try these ingredients: romaine, kale, purple cabbage, avocado, sprouts, hemp seeds, goji berries, and tomatoes, with a Braggs Vinaigrette. You can even add some cold water sardines.

Avoid snacking if you can, and eat three good-sized meals each day. When you do snack, remember that snacks are meant to taste good and provide good nutrition to sustain you until the next meal! Olives can be a Tapas choice but also make a wonderful snack, now and then. You don’t want to eat the whole container of olives or you’ll feel bad and be too full for your dinner!

Eating needs to be pleasurable and dessert can be very satisfying. If dessert makes you happy, indulge when you feel like it. With sugar addiction and withdrawal challenges, keep desserts super tasty and sugar-free. Cacao is a great dessert. Look for chocolate bars made from pure cacao (online if you can’t find them locally). They are heavenly.

When you eat your next meal, use the following tips and practice often. These tips are proven to help digestion, weight loss, happiness, and overall health.

  • Eat mindfully by chewing slowly.
  • Set your fork down in between bites and breathe.
  • Smile and enjoy company and happy conversation.
  • Choose foods that have a happy past and have seen the sunlight. (aka… avoid processed or fast foods as much as possible).
  • Eat sitting down and take your time. Your body can only tell you it’s full if you give it 20 minutes or so to realize it is no longer hungry.
  • Eat with great pleasure!

To enjoy more movement in your day, as you learn to take pleasure in your eating, learn how to approach a workout like it’s a salsa dance, hip gyrations or brushing your teeth. Hmmm.

Shake off the "blahs" in 3 short minutes or less!

It’s something that you can do every day - it’s that important to your health. Speaking of brushing your teeth… try doing squats, lunges, leg kicks, etc. as you perform that simple routine. When you’re busy, you can still fit exercise in somewhere.

Enjoy yourself!


Author's Bio: 

Renee Heigel, CHHP, AADP, is a life coach, writer, holistic health and nutrition practitioner, mom, entrepreneur, foodist, speaker, cook, world traveler, media maven, and creator of Love Yourself Naked and Local Nourish Flourish.

Renee trained at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, is certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and has over a decade of experience plus certification in coaching work.

She shows women in their mid-20s to mid-50s how to eat more local, whole foods so they can create long-term health and love themselves naked! She offers private health, life and nutrition coaching, webinars and corporate wellness coaching. Visit to find out more & sign up for The Birthday Suit Morsels ezine.