A 26-year-old man called Rudy has been very busy with his work recently, and he often stays up late and works overtime, making him very exhausted every day. The overwhelming work also gradually affects his life, especially sexual life. His wife grumble about their unpleasant sexual life after Rudy has erectile dysfunction and other urinary problems.

His wife suggested that he may have something wrong with his kidney and he should try some nourishing food for the kidney. But things didn't turn around with all efforts. After checked in the hospital, he was diagnosed with chronic prostatitis. He said that he often feels painful in the urethra while urinating, and at ordinary times, the urethral meatus has white secretion. His sexual life is always awful.

What caused chronic prostatitis?

Prostate diseases feature a high incidence rate, and a common one is chronic prostatitis. The incidence of chronic prostatitis is also high among adolescent and adult males, which is usually related to bad living habits, such as excessive sexual behaviors, sitting for too long and overdrinking alcohol.

When suffering from chronic prostatitis, male friends should always get treated in time. Commonly, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be taken into consideration. It defers to the characteristics of the holistic treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, and can be used to dispel inflammation and improve male urogenital health. With long-term medical treatment, male's prostate function can be restored.

For young adults, their irregular daily life always should take the blame for their low body conditions. So it is necessary to pay more attention to the daily habits, which is helpful for the prevention of chronic prostatitis.

1. No alcohol, ad eat less spicy, fat, sweet products, drink less coffee. Eat less citrus, orange juice and other strong acid food, and eat less sugar and refined flour.

2. Eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and soy products, and often eat honey to keep the stool unobstructed. Have an appropriate amount of beef, pork, mutton and other red meat as well as eggs.

3. Drink a proper amount of water every day, not to reduce the amount of water due to frequent urination. Drinking more water can dilute urine and prevent urinary tract infection and the formation of bladder stones. Drinking water should be with cool boiled water or warm water.

4. Exercise more. Motion can enhance oneself constitution, stimulative whole body, especially the blood circulation in the prostate gland, making prostatic fluid secrete more exuberant and preventing prostatitis. At the same time, physical exercise is conducive to inspiring the spirit, reducing negative emotions and mobilizing the potential of disease resistance. But the intensity of exercise should be progressive based on personal condition.

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