First of all it is very essential to know why conversion of a picture to vector is important for all editors and where is it needed most. This groundwork will prepare in making the best use of the following method to achieve the best results. Any logos or drawings that need to have very clear-cut shapes and lines need this editing service. They are also useful for animation. When they need to be uploaded on various websites the vector versions are lightweight. Since the pixel count is not very deep it can also provide clarity of vision. Learn the best methods in some easy steps and master the way that jpg to vector can be effective.

The most basic element is to have the right software. Photoshop has the best features that support most editing processes. There are many versions and the graphic designers use the most advanced ones. A jpg image needs to be loaded first on the computer and then in the chosen program. When the picture looks better when it is bigger. A larger picture can easily be edited. When the picture is loaded in the software, check the tool bar. Get on the layer palette to begin the edit.

Once this is done follow these easy steps.

1. Duplicate the background layer of the picture two times.

2. Turn of the visibility bar of the top background.

3. Edit it by using fade desaturate tab. It should be done in the middle copy of the layer.

4. Dragging the icon and pushing it towards the background copy create a new layer.

5. Now the real work begins…choose the eye tool and the pen tool to begin the edit.

6. With the pen tool a path can be sketched and the work can begin.

7. With every layer tracing for new elements, use the eye drop to keep the natural color tone.

8. With the pen tool keep tracing the new edit.

9. With the help of the zoom check if any shadows are peeping out.

10. Once thoroughly checked, save the final image in eps format.

It takes practice to make the jpg to vector within minutes. Initially working with the pen tool can be strenuous. Once it is grasped, it works like an icing on the cake. The same work can also be executed in alternate software. But Photoshop has some really cool features. Every editor hopes to have the best of clients with the work he produces. What really can help is to find a niche like doing conversions for websites. This way he can hone his skills focused on the pictures that appear on the website. He can add layers of experience to his body of work. When he knows how to convert pictures, which is the basic requirement of every edit, he is able to apply the skill in other areas too. Often these transformations are critical for print posters or even pin ups with clarity.

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