Zurvita offers a Caresaver discount card that provides huge savings at retail and virtual mall outlets. It also includes a personal attendant that can be accessed via cell phone, and used for anything from getting driving directions to making dinner reservations. This is just the beginning for the Zurvita product line with new product releases on the way. New business owners receive pay outs on the front end to an infinite number of levels as more and more people join. The compensation plan also offers up to 40% residual income on product revenue. This compensation plan is unmatched anywhere in the industry.

James Hertzog advises that the keys to Zurvita home business success are as follows. (1) The Discount Zurvita Caresaver Card helps people save money on products they were going to purchase anyway . (2) The Zurvita Internet Marketing - With some Zurvita teams 98% of the selling is accomplished by the websites and the built in auto-responder series with emails already composed for them. (3) Absolutely anyone can plug into this system and be successful regardless of their marketing level of experience. (4) The business owners benefit from the very marketing system they are using to promote their business. They are empowered in a way that most of them have never experienced before in their personal lives!

The major obstacle new business owners face is to successfully market their business. In Zurvita, it is a simple numbers game of driving targeted hungry traffic. The more visits a team member's Zurvita site receives, the more sales that site will convert. Therefore, the most important decision the new entrepreneur will make is in choosing the right sponsor who will guide them along the path of successful marketing.

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James Hertzog brings years of internet marketing experience to the table in aiding ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results in their home business endeavors.

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