I want to let everyone know about an amazing new liquid supplement on the market that just came out. It is called Zrii and it is a phenomenol nutritional drink. There is also an awesome business opportunity that the company offers for anyone interested in becoming an indepedent executive.

More about this amazing new drink: It started with the CEO of the company Bill Farley who met with Dr. Deepak Copra and Dr. David Simon at the Chopra Foundation to learn more about the amazing fruit "Amalaki" from the Himalayas.
Amalaki – The Great Rejuvenator! Central to this vast science is one unsuspecting, little green fruit-- no bigger than a golf ball but containing a nutritional profile that places it in a class of its own. Amalaki (emblica officinalis) grows at the base of the pristine Himalayan mountain range in northern India. In its pantheon of thousands of fruits and herbs, Ayurveda describes amalaki as the single most important botanical for promoting cellular rejuvenation, immune function, and increased vitality. Simply stated, amalaki has one of the richest and most documented legacies of any fruit known today. In fact, amalaki has been revered as the “Nurse”, the “Great Rejuvenator”, and the “Fruit of Immortality” for centuries, due to its numerous healing properties and its ability to nourish the body on all levels. This little fruit even has its own holiday in which families share a meal under the tree, while giving thanks for the strength and luster promoted by the fruit. The science of “rejuvenation” refers to the ability of a fruit or herb to restore ones overall health, vitality, and radiance at a core level. As modern science begins to validate what ancients have known for centuries, amalaki has emerged as the world’s most rejuvenating superfoods.

In addition to being heralded for its youth-promoting and rejuvenative qualities, Ayurveda describes amalaki as a potent anti-inflammatory, digestive aid, elixir for the skin and hair, and metabolic enhancer. This has been extensively validated by peer-reviewed research in the modern scientific community. Over the past 50 years, amalaki has been the subject of hundreds of scientific studies, ranging from its role in fighting cancer to its ability to increase healthy cholesterol (HDL), reduce wrinkles, and improve eyesight. These results have posed a logical question for modern science: how could one fruit be so singularly beneficial for promoting health? In peering deep into the amalaki fruit to answer this question, modern nutritional technology has come away with some remarkable discoveries.

So What’s in This Fruit, Anyway?
Unlike many superfoods being introduced today, the chemical profile of amalaki cannot be limited to one star ingredient or beneficial compound. Instead, research has discovered an unparalleled spectrum of powerful anti-oxidants, polyphenols, tannins, and bioflavanoids. Amalaki also contains a high concentration of amino acids, trace minerals and other beneficial phytonutrients. Amalaki contains the potent phenolic combination of ellagic acid, gallic acid, and emblicanin A+B.
Together, these polyphenols are important for reducing cellular and oxidative stress, destroying immune-damaging free-radicals, and supporting the overall detoxification of the body. The bioflavanoids rutin, quercetin and powerful enzyme superoxide dismutase also contribute to the overall anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and youth-promoting qualities of this remarkable fruit. In addition to these anti-oxidants, amalaki is widely thought to contain the most concentrated natural source of Vitamin C in nature. The fruit is also host to rare ‘mighty- molecules’ known as ascorbigens. Part of the tannin family, ascorbigens create a protective bond around the Vitamin C molecules, making amalaki’s source of Vitamin C more bio-avilable and bio-stable than synthetic varieties.

In addition to helping ‘potentize’ the amalaki, each of the 6 supporting actives also holds widely recognized healing properties of their own:
Turmeric (root)- improves circulation, digestion, and reduces inflammation.
Tulsi (leaf)- improves digestion and intestinal health
Schizandra (fruit)- enhances mental function and memory; excellent ‘brain tonic’.
Jujube (fruit)- calms the nerves and serves as a mild rejuvenative.
Haritaki (fruit)- serves as a mild-detoxifying agent, nourishes the tissues.
Ginger (root)- improves digestion, absorption, and assimilation

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Dr. Sean Johnson is a 3rd generation Chiropractor and has been practicing in Florida for the last 11 years. His extensive knowledge and family background allows him to effectively return health and well-being to his patients. Through the use of specific Chiropractic adjustments, Nutritional Supplementation, Exercise Programs, and Dietary Recommendations Dr. Johnson gives his patients all the tools their bodies need for maximum health!