Question: You have such a refreshing set of attitudes about the subject of money. How did you develop your attitudes?

Answer: I learned to be happy without money and in the process I became a Money Master. I must admit, you do not have to learn to be happy without money in order to become a Money Master like I am today. There are easier ways to learn the lessons I learned about money. The blessings for me, in learning my lessons around money the way I did, is that I am able to easily relate to people on all levels of income, from the poorest of them all, the homeless, to multimillionaires.

Today, I know money is an attitude and not a piece of paper. When you have the right attitudes about money, the paper form of it, the green stuff, flows into your life in abundance.

I am a Money Master, today, because money doesn't run me, I run it. A Master in the sense that the moment I achieved "financial security" within, the floodgates opened up in my outer world and enabled money (and money equivalents) to flow into my life in abundance. Today I am both rich and happy on the inside as well as the outside. However, the greatest riches I possess and the ones I treasure the most are the ones that live in my heart.

Question: Interesting, very interesting. I have a tough question for you. Where does God fit into the picture regarding your attitudes about money?

Answer: Thank you for asking this question, it is actually a very easy one for me to answer. For myself, I have a very passionate and unashamed relationship with God. My relationship with God is my first priority. I mention this to you because part of the difficulty I faced in achieving mastery with money was I always found my attitudes about money to be in conflict with my attitudes about God. Today, I have no conflicts between money and God.

Question: No conflicts between money and God? What's your secret?

Answer: I don't have a secret, I simply have the "right attitudes about Money and God" that are in harmony with my immortal soul. My attitudes about God and money can be summed up with the following words

"It's okay to love money and what it can do for you and your family. Money is an individualized expression of God's love for you. When you have mixed feeling about money, you have mixed feelings about God. When you hate money, you hate God".

© 2004 Frederick Zappone

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Frederick Zappone is a former VP of a national known skin-care corporation. He resigned his postion in 1998 to publish and write inspirational reports about money related matter. If you wish, you may receive a FREE, 34 page, Money MASTERY Report by visiting his web site. His URL address is: