In our youth football coaching program, what we found out over the course of the years is that having special teams is very important in the game. This is something that we give our focus on specifically at our youth football coaching site. By having and training these kind of teams in our youth football coaching program we completely took over games; we completely won games based on our special team's play. Special teams are considered to be anything that is outside of the normal offense and defense. In our youth football coaching program, we use the special teams as a complete offensive tool.

The special teams have their specialty in the areas of (1) Kick-Off, (2) Punting Game, (3) Punt Return, and (4) Point After Touchdown (PAT) in our youth football coaching program. First, the Kick-Off is always a defensive stop that we need to get the ball back so as to give us another possession of the ball. It returns to make us expect a score, and it is considered to be a big factor to score in the game! Second, the Punting Game is used as a defensive tool. The best punters in the back field positions wins games. If you don't want to punt the ball, you probably are most likely going to lose the game. If you don't have a good punter or punting game, then you're not going to put yourself or your team in the right proper position to be in when it comes down to the end of the game. Third, the Punt Return is considered as an all around defense. The first job of the punter is to prevent a safe or prevent an offense. The second job of the punter is to make it as an offensive weapon. If you kick your ball to me or to any of my players, they are taught that you will be most likely to be punished; for the reason that we're going to score a touchdown or we're going to give ourselves good field position based on the coaching, athleticism, and based on what they want to do when they get the ball! And fourth, the PAT (or Point After Touchdown) is considered as one of the most critical points in the game. When you kick it to me its 2 points; every time you score touchdown you get 2 points and adds up; and when you have 3 touchdowns that means you're going to get 3 extra points. For every 3 touchdowns you get, you have 1 free for extra points. Point After Touchdown is a good key for winning the game!

So, we can see here the importance of special teams in winning the game. In your youth football coaching program, always train your special teams very well. They are one of the most important “weapons” that you can have when you enter the championships!

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