If you have been trained in Reiki, one nice way to deepen your practice is by developing a relationship with your Reiki guides. Reiki guides can be thought of as intermediaries between yourself and Source. You may ask, "who are these Reiki guides"? Reiki guides are those in spirit form who assist us in our healing work here on Earth. Reiki guides can come from the Angelic Realm; they can be Ascended Masters; or they may even have been our teachers here on Earth who have since crossed over.

If you have been trained in Usui Reiki, Dr. Usui and Mrs. Takata are always available to act as Reiki guides for you. In addition, the Ascended Masters Jesus, Mother Mary, Kwan Yin, Buddha, and St. Germain, and the Archangels Michael and Raphael are always at the ready to help and guide you in your healing work. So, how do you know which one(s) to call on? One good way is to consider who you are drawn to; have you always prayed to Mother Mary, or were you especially drawn to Mrs. Takata when you were introduced to her during your Level 1 training? These are clues that you can use in determining who is making themself available to you as a Reiki guide.

Well, now that you have a sense of who your Reiki guide(s) may be, how do you begin to connect and work with them? A simple way to begin developing a relationship with your Reiki guide(s) is to get a picture of that individual or individuals and began sending Reiki to them on a regular basis. When you send Reiki to a spiritual being, the Reiki energy will come back to you tenfold. Try it; it's really amazing!

You can also create a small space in your home in order to honor your Reiki guide. This can be an altar of sorts, where you can place your guide(s)' picture, as well as anything else that resonates with you, such as a stone, crystal, or flower. By doing this, you will raise the vibration in that area, which will in turn raise your vibration, and help you to bridge the gap between your self and your Reiki guide.

Try saying a prayer asking for your Reiki guide's help and assistance before every healing session. Say whatever feels right to you. When you begin connecting with your Reiki guide in this way, you will likely notice their presence in other areas of your life as well. After you have invited your Reiki guide into your life, it will be up to you to pay close attention to their presence and to accept and act upon their help. After all, their job is to assist us in aligning with our highest path and purpose, which is our healing work here on Earth. When we invite them in, they can assist us in everything we do, making our life here on Earth Divine.

Author's Bio: 

Mary Riposo received her PhD in Child and Family Studies from Syracuse University. She is a NY State Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified School Psychologist. Mary has also completed training in a variety of healing modalities; she is an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Polarity Therapist, Soul Realignment Practitioner, and Divinely Guided Life Coach. She owns and runs the Center for Integrated Energy Healing, which offers energy healing sessions, transpersonal counseling, intuitive readings, intuitive development training, and Reiki certification classes. She has written a book, "Using Reiki with Children: A Guide for Parents and Professionals," which is available through her website. For more information, go to www.IntegratedEnergyHealing.com.