The perfect day of your life, how would it look like? How far away do you think you are from this perfect day? What can you do to make this perfect day reality? Let’s find out by doing the following exercice!

The right side of your brain has retained the image of that you came here to do on this Earth. Your education and the influence of society have taught you to rely on the left side of your brain, and you have lost contact with the right side.

But this contact can be easily restored. Your right side works with images. When you are imagining about your perfect life, the images that pop up come straight from the image archive room in the right side of the brain. These images of the perfect day and what you wish to do, your dreams, are not arbitrary. They are the reflection of your mission, your true task here on Earth. This mission is calling you and encourages you to discover it.

Do this revealing exercice on paper : image the perfect day, even as you go about all your daily responsibilities. So it’s not a holiday at the beach! Describe as accurate and detailed as possible what you are doing, how you are doing it, what activities you are involved in, what people surround you, and so on.

Let your imagination flow freely and do not limit yourself to the usual restrictions.

Remember: this is an exercise of imagination. No need to take reality into account. You are free to fill in the blanks as you wish!
Do make sure you are working in the environment of your choice, doing exactly what you like to do. See yourself using your main talents and feeling a deep sense of enthusiasm offering your key talents to other people around you.

Visualize how your job gives you total satisfaction.

Ask yourself: “If I loved myself, how would I spend my day?”

Come up with as many practical details as possible: what time are you getting up, what are you wearing, what are you having for breakfast, do you commute to work or do you work at home, what’s your job exactly, from when to when are you working, where and with whom do you take lunch, etc. Detail the entire perfect day right until the moment you go back to sleep.

Write in the present tense, as if you were living the perfect day right now. Do not use negative words like : not, no, without…

Important : write down your perfect day, so you can read it over again. Take at least 15 minutes to do this exercice, you are worth it!

What have you learned from doing this exercise? Could it be that your mission is already partially accomplished without you noticing it?
Since you were able to write down your perfect day, where you use your talents and offer them to others, it must be that you are closer to that reality than you think!
This exercise provides you with a clear image of your true mission.

Have a look at your notes and make a guess about how close you are to this perfect day. Give it a note from 0 to 10.
What can you do right now to get closer to 10/10? What do you need to change in your life to be able to live your perfect day, day after day? What does it need to live as if you loved yourself? What is withholding you? Is it a person, a belief, the circumstances? Don’t forget you create your own life, according to your belief system. If your life doesn’t match your perfect day, make some changes! You are worth it!

Do this exercice every 3 to 6 months. Remember you don’t need to undergo circumstances. You are the creator of your life! Write down your perfect day on a regular base and do things to get closer to it. It’s all up to you!

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Ineke Van Lint, psychologist, is a spiritual and educational coach and an expert in enthusiasm. She’ll guide you to find out who is the real you and how you can achieve happiness and success. Grab your free e-course and free inspirational quotes at