How many of us have had a severe cold, or headache, or backache, but regardless of how bad you felt, you still managed to go to work. In middle of the hustle and bustle of your job you totally forgot about your physical problem and it simply disappeared. Mind over matter, right?

In a great number of cases even more severe conditions, such as:
„h High Blood Pressure
„h M.S.
„h Fibromialgia
„h Parkinson¡¦s Disease
„h And in some cases, cancer and even heart conditions.
These conditions and diseases and a great many of other can be managed, and in some cases even eliminated strictly by the powers of the mind only.

In truth, very little can ever happen to your body without your mind giving its total permission for its occurrences. Most times, it is through the subconscious mind, and not a conscious decision. In order to gain a clearer understanding of this, you need to understand just how this permission is given.

There is a common thread in all of these conditions. That thread is negativity. It comes in the form of stress, and worry. On occasion it comes through an exaggerated negative outlook on life. There is a universal law that states, ¡§ What comes around, goes around.¡¨ Have you ever heard of it?

Today everyone talks about diseases, and what is the most common one. Some believe that cancer, or maybe diabetes, but in truth negativity is by far the greatest disease that has ever plagued mankind, it infects most of our lives, non-stop throughout our entire day. Nearly every aspect of our lives is governed by it, and very little is ever done to combat its effect on us.

According to Dr. Norma Milanovich, in her book, ¡§The Light Shall Set You Free¡¨ it is a Universal Law of Energy, that cannot be broken. When you broadcast negativity through worry , or anger , or even stress, you are sending out this disease to the universe, and what you send out has to come back to you. It returns in the same exact form that you sent out. However the second part of that same universal law is has an even greater impact on you. That is simply, ¡§What you give, you shall receive ten times over!¡¨ Can you see where your subconscious mind just may be giving its permission for diseases to invade your body?

Twenty-one Days Technique

The techniques that has been found to be quite effective in overcoming many of these conditions is really quite simple.

Step One- Self Hypnosis

For the next twenty-one days every single negative thought that comes into your head, no matter how trivial must be replaced with two very positive thoughts. Remember, ¡§a majority rules¡¨, and you must create a greater power to dominate rather than to just negate the situation.

Step Two
For the same twenty-one days, just before you are ready to go to bed, you need to sit quietly on the bed, with your hands on your lap, and repeat:
¡§Every Day, in Every Way, I get Better and Better¡¨. You will repeat this ten times, counting with your fingers, starting with your little finger of your left hand, pressing into your leg, and continue counting with your fingers. You will count slowly, and while counting envision yourself getting Better and Better in a very specific way.

Step Three
You must give up watching the Late Night News, FOREVER! I believe the reason is quite evident. Bedtime is a most critical time of your entire day to focus on the positive.

In subsequent editions I will continue providing you with additional way that you can gain total control over both your mind, and body, and begin coexisting in harmony with your own individual spirit.

Rod Kelly, Ch, Mht
Eye of the Eagle Retreat & Wellness Centre.

Author's Bio: 

The author of The Empowerment of Self-Healing and owner of Eye of the Eagle Retreat & Wellness Centre, in Pointe au Baril, Ontario, Canada