An interview thank you letter is now a standard part of job interview etiquette. The novelty of sending a thank you note is no longer enough to make you stand out from the crowd.

Why is this letter good, but not great?

Dear Joe Employer:

I enjoyed meeting with you this afternoon in regards to the managerial position. I was pleased to discover that my advanced degree is certainly an asset. I was also impressed by the team spirit among the employees I met. Thanks so much for your time and the genial interview.

Jane Interviewee

First, we’ll talk about what’s good about this job interview thank you letter.

• It is written (and we can assume mailed) on the same day of the interview.
• It mentions something specific that happened in the interview--meeting some of the employees.

What’s not so great about the job interview thank you letter above?

• It does not mention the specific job title. There may be more than one managerial position to fill. Plus, remembering the exact title of the position shows an attention to detail.
• It does not use the most powerful gratitude phrase in the English language even once, “thank you.”

The Biggest ERROR is that this job interview thank you note uses the word “I” more than “You.”

Language studies at Duke, Yale and University of California have all confirmed that "you" is one of the twelve most persuasive words in the English language. “You” is in the ranks with words like "money" “easy,” “love” and “Guarantee” for persuasive effect. Most people, including the author of the above letter, do not make use of this valuable idea.

The body of the above interview thank you letter is roughly fifty words. The word “I” is used four times. The word you (and it's derivative "your") is used only twice. The writer never even used one of the most powerful phrases in the world, “Thank You.”

Visit this page to see a sample job interview thank you note that uses "you" more than "I."

Your interview and resume contains all the “I” you need. Using the word “you” more than the word "I" puts the focus on the receiver of your thank you note and increase your notes emotional impact and reflect a deeper sense of appreciation than other letters your future employer receives.

Also, remember that every move you make during the interview process is not only about getting hired. It also aids in your salary negotiation. People enjoy being appreciated and would rather hire somebody that costs more money who they will enjoy working with over somebody cheap who is not going to make them feel as appreciated.

Every position has a salary range; a well-written thank you note can tip the scales to the higher side of the range. Make more money show your gratitude and use one of the most powerful words to do it--"you."

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