What do you want your year to be like? Do you want it to include more of some things? More happiness, fitness, fun... Do you want it to include less of some things? Less sitting at your desk, working too late, debt...

Pause for a moment to tap into the magic of what this year could be for you. Before racing toward your goals, consider this question: What flavor, texture or theme do you want the year to represent?

Here's how to capture your theme for the New Year. Imagine life and work unfolding in the days and months to come. Then choose one word to encompass the whole year. A word that pulls you out of bed each morning and motivates you to embrace the day.

Take Sarah, for example. A few years ago she chose the word "enriched" as her theme. At the time, she faced tough challenges. A fellow tenant in a shared office suite appeared to be on the edge of a nervous breakdown. He went into daily rants and rages, terrifying all of his office mates. The police were called on at least one occasion.

Sarah and her office mates rallied together to strategize and offer each other daily support. They made sure no one was ever alone with the man. They jointly asked the manager to evict him.

But because the man stayed in the office for a few more weeks, Sarah needed something to anchor her so she wouldn't get lost in a turbulent sea. Her theme emerged - "enriched." On the surface, she didn't consider her work circumstances enriching. But picking a theme calmed her down. It gave her hope that her work life could be that way again.

It took some discipline to even whisper the word "enriched" each day - and on a few days she chucked the word right out the window. But mostly she stuck to saying the word "enriched" continuously throughout the day.

Sarah did pull through the situation. After some prompting, the man finally agreed to leave. The locks were changed immediately. Sarah didn't even mind too much when she arrived at work the Monday after the man's departure and the office was completely bare. He'd taken everything with him - from chairs to shelves, plants and paper clips. Everything. A client of Sarah's arrived five minutes later. So, she offered the lone fold-up chair she'd found in the hallway, and sat on a crate herself. Humbling, yes, but also freeing. Sarah remembers: "In that moment, I felt truly enriched. Like I could handle anything. Who cares if I had to suck it up and sit on a milk crate? It was over. He was gone and I moved on with my day." After the client left, Sarah settled into the quiet calm that softened the office.

Even during adversity, your theme can make your year better. Another professional singled out the word "dimension" for her year. Why? She wanted to experience more depth and fun with her ordinary, everyday tasks. So when she sets out to write a business report, why not write it at the beach since she lives in a tropical place! My editor sent me her theme today inspired from this article: "investment." From dictionary.com she chose this meaning: "A devoting, using, or giving of time, talent, emotional energy, etc., as for a purpose or to achieve something." Ready to create your own theme?

What word pops to mind as your theme for the year? Try this three-step process to define your inspired theme for the year.

1. Select Your Theme

Dream up two or three possible theme words for the year. Pick unusual words that you don't use often. Write them down quickly and intuitively - don't think too much about it! If your brain freezes, try some of these words: Inspired. Extraordinary. Uplifted. Enriched. Intentional. Divine. Spontaneous. Graceful. Playful. Monumental. If a thousand people pick the same word, that's OK. Each of you will bring your own personal flair to that theme. Now, narrow your short list down to a single word.

2. Define Your Theme

Once you've selected your theme, define what it means to you. Look the word up. Try a site such as dictionary.com to gain a fresh perspective on the different meanings. For example, consider the word "spontaneous." When you look it up you'll find the standard definitions about doing things in the moment and being unplanned. But scan further and another definition emerges: "Growing naturally or without cultivation, as plants and fruits; indigenous" (http://www.dictionary.com). As you define your word, imagine what it would actually look, feel and sound like for this word to spice up your day-to-day life.

3. Live Your Theme

Just as if you've tucked this word into your pocket, live your theme every day. Say it first thing in the morning. Repeat it often during the day, especially if you feel stressed. Of course, life will deal you what it deals you. When setbacks occur you may want to put your theme temporarily aside. Or you might discover you can find your theme even in challenging life experiences. Whatever you face, allow your theme to bring forth what you desire most in the days ahead.

Take time now to complete this three-step exercise. Remember - select, define and live your inspired theme. Create a compelling theme and then step into the year with a refreshing focus.

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