Contrary to what I once decided to believe in my early years, we are not trapped here on Earth, we are not here to suffer, nor are we mistakenly dropped off on the wrong planet. Instead, we live on a magnificent planet where it is possible to turn dreams, hopes, and desires into physical reality. Any one of us can imagine a new invention, new way of living, or a new way of feeling, and bring those inner dreams to life. Imagine-an idea can become real! However, until we understand the concept of joining spirit-based energy with physicality, and until we personally master that ability, we often feel quite disempowered.

Your highest potential is your ability to understand that you are the creator of your life. You are powerful beyond your comprehension to consciously create and manifest your desires. Evolving into the person who understands how this spirit-physical connection works, and then gaining command over this ability is your number one task.

Reaching your highest potential can be quite a daunting task to achieve because first you must embark on a journey to clear your own physical, mental, and emotional bodies of everything that says you do not have the power or ability to have what you want. If you are asking yourself, "Why isn't my life the way I want it to be?" then congratulations! You are on your way to discovering that challenges are not what you believe them to be. Challenges are the journey you take to experience for yourself how creation works in a physical reality.

Many of us are ready to feel good again. We have coped as best as possible with sadness, inner pain, a sense of emptiness, or depression, but it is long enough. We are ready to be finished with feeling numb, addicted, or drugged on antidepressants and sleeping pills. This readiness to take responsibility for your own well-being and joy is an essential step on the journey of personal evolution. This is the beginning realization that your life matters, your dreams matter, and you are willing to risk discovering whether, or not, you hold the power to make your dreams come true.

This process of creating change is essential to personal empowerment and personal evolution. The ability to turn your dreams and desires into something tangibly solid is an essential step on your journey to discovering your purpose for being alive. First, we deal with narrower personal desires, such as eliminating addictions, or creating health, happiness, and abundance. Once those needs are met, we naturally take another step and expand our vision into the larger world.

This decision to embark on a personal journey to feel good, to feel more alive, and live a radiant life is important for humanity. Our purpose is to share and expand love with all life on this incredible Earth, but first we must end the struggles within. Empowerment begins as we allow our own balance and enlightenment. We can create effective change in the world around us only when the change first occurs within.

We must know we are capable and worthy of personal power, of our individual ability to bring our desires into the world, before we can share this truth with others. Preaching words of peace, goodness, and love is nice, but the necessity is first to create an individual world of greater love, inner peace, and empowerment before it can exude outward.

Individual empowerment inspires the world. If you hold dear to you the vision of world peace and harmony, your current lifework is to be become the person who exemplifies such a life. You must first find yourself deserving of giving yourself these gifts before you can inspire another person to activate their personal power. You must first comprehend abundance before you can move forward and share this experience with others. You must intimately allow self-healing to occur in your own body before you can spread the truth of our ability to self-heal to others. As much as we would wish to share advice and understandings, we cannot share with anyone what we have not first given to ourselves.

A loving world begins with a party of one. It begins by forming a loving relationship with your body, desires, feelings, and ideas. Your inner dreams are the joy of life, the salvation of earth, and the future of the people of this planet. Often we wish to give the dream to others first. We have it backwards. Our first priority is to bring our dreams into our own lives first. We take the time to ensure we are the ones balanced, enlightened, and joyful. Your highest potential is the ability to engage your spirit in the loving, joy-filled process of creation, turning ideas into physical matter. Achieving a personally beautiful life is your number one task.

Some may say, "How can we be so selfish to take care of our own needs when there is hunger in the world? How can we be abundant and joyful when there is poverty, war, and catastrophe?" Feeling good, wanting to be alive, and thriving as a radiant human being has to be accomplished first in one individual body, mind, and spirit before we are able to share it with others. We serve others when we become living, breathing, walking examples of magnificent lives. We move others to greatness when we ourselves have come to realize that happiness, success, abundance, empowerment, and joy are possible.

Others may have it easier because we will hold the understanding of how to allow this higher vision into physical expression. What one creates so can another create because a blueprint exists. Thomas Edison followed his inner dreams and put excitement as well as effort into the creation of the light bulb. He enthusiastically expended thousands of creative hours on his invention. Now it is easy for someone else to create a light bulb because he paved the way.

As we create newly empowered lives for ourselves, we create the potential for others to achieve this same ability more easily for themselves. From this new perspective, we notice that peace and empowerment are not created by warring against that which seems unjust, but by expanding the peace that we find so appealing. War is not our solution. Fighting war does not end war. There is another way, a magnificent yet challenging way to live our own vision. We first decide to form a partnership between our mind and spirit. Realizing joy and peace come from the inside, we accept responsibility and decide we are worthy of expanding these feelings in our own physical body. Then we connect our inner joy to a goal and take inspired action to bring a joyful tangible creation into the world. Because of our actions, greater peace now exists in the world.

Zen teacher and author Charlotte Joko Beck stated, "You cannot avoid paradise. You can only avoid seeing it." Put forth effort to end your own suffering. The individual path is to release all that is oppressive and self-limiting within. If peace and harmony are your calling, you are the one who has chosen to go through the hard work of releasing the old burdens and baggage of the past. You have decided to go through the important, yet difficult, work of accepting joy, excitement, and feeling good in a physical body. Your path is the often solitary and nonconformist path of unconditional love, even though you may be uncertain as to how to do this, whether it is even possible, or if it even matters. Your path is not to push, or use power over yourself or others in order to have what you want, but to teach yourself how to use the power of spirit to turn ideas into real life experiences.

As we find the courage to expand love in our own body, we become the carriers of a new torch. Others will join and carry the torch because one person had the courage to walk through all the darkened aspects of their being, bringing the self into an original, excited, lightened body. We want to bring the world peace. We want people to stop oppressing one another. We want people to have more power in their lives. First, we undergo the journey in our own lives.

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