The Doberman Pinscher has been bred to become the perfect guard dog. It is tall and lean, standing an average of 26 to 28 inches. Muscular as well, it weighs 66-68 pounds, which of course is mostly muscle. Because of its slender but solid build, it's an agile and fast creature. It is highly intelligent, responding to situations when needed. With a brain that's easily trained, teaching this dog won't be much of a problem. It has little jagged knives in its mouth, owners like to call teeth, which is great for scaring off intruders; if necessary attack the bad guys.

If security for your house is a priority, then this might just be what your looking for. Training a dog must take place at an early age. First and foremost, start with nutrition. Providing the poochs daily nutritional needs plays a major role in his growth development. It's important that it is kept balanced so that it'll be able to obtain its peak physical condition. During training, one must know when to be strict or not. Taking it too hard on the dog will make it aggressive. Have control over it, and never ever let it step over you. It can be stubborn and bossy.

Do not let it be the alpha dog. It might start giving you lessons if it senses your a pushover. Give it tough love, so that things don't get out of control. Knowing that to get love is to be in good behavior will make it more disciplined. Giving rewards and words of kindness for obeying commands will make it willing to train. Never hit a dog - respect it and it'll respect you. Have it exercise daily. It has been endowed with loads of energy and outstanding stamina. Keeping that locked up inside will make it cranky. Take it out on long walks or jogs.

The Doberman Pinscher loves people. It bonds well with its master. If you have kids in the family, it is recommended that the dog is acquired as a puppy for it to adjust better to the children. The burden of knowing how to handle this is not to be shouldered by the owner alone; but rather by the entire family as well. It can get pushy if it gets a sense of superiority over a member. So educate the others in the household on how to go about disciplining the dog. This pet sees the responsibility of safeguarding the house as its own.

It'll do its best to keep its masters safe from harm. There is a possibility that it will grow overprotective; getting suspicious of visitors. Having it socialize with other humans and animals can help with this pets temperament. Everyone likes a protective dog, but a pet overdoing it is just too much to take. A Doberman Pinscher is always looking to please its owners. It'll do things to catch your attention if none is given for some time. It enjoys playing children and other dogs as well. It is very loyal and will do a great job of watching over you and your loved ones.

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