You’ve finished your first product and you have it up for sale. Now the real work starts, driving traffic to your sales page. Many people who are new to Internet marketing would like to try Adwords, but are reluctant to get started.

Adwords does not have to be scary if you start out slow and use your head. To get started, register with Adwords. After you are approved, go to their keyword tool. Once there, check the box that says to use your website to select keywords and enter the URL of your website. This is the easiest way to get started because it allows Google to find the most relevant keywords for your site.

It will generate a list of keywords along with the competition and search volume. Check the box to determine the cost of each keyword listed. Enter the maximum amount that you are willing to spend each day. This is the maximum that you want to spend PER DAY. If you are just starting out, pick an amount that you can easily afford. Do not count on making any sales to make your payments to Google. You must be able to afford to pay your total excluding any sales. This is where some people get into financial trouble.

As you look through the list for the cost of each keyword, choose those that are the least expensive. You won’t get a ton of clicks from these keywords, but you just want to get your feet wet and try it out. After you become a little more comfortable with the program, you can experiment with other, more active keywords.

To develop your ad, look at ads for similar products. Of course, you can’t copy them word for word, but you can use a similar style for your ad. Try to come up with three or four different versions for your ad. Then go back and enter the ad you want to use with your first Adwords campaign.

One final word of advice, before clicking the submit button to finalize your campaign, make sure to review ALL of the details. Ensure that you have correctly entered a maximum cost per day that is within your budget. Make sure that your keywords are reasonably priced and are the ones that you intended to use. Double check your ad to ensure there are no errors or misspellings. And, most importantly, triple check the URL to make sure that it directs people to the correct website, you don’t want an ad that you are paying for, directing people to someone else’s site.

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