You know...there are so many thoughts and feelings in our lives that really need to be let go be be released!

For many of them are a lie, or do not belong in our lives at all.

Many of the ways we learned to think and feel as children have a stronghold here and now in our adult lives.

Things that were done to us...ways of reacting or responsing...or even living.... our pet likes and dislikes and so very much more besides, were actually demonstrated/shown to us by others (usually adults) wittingly or un-wittingly.

Much of this we then began to imitate until it actually became a living part of our own thoughts and ways.

Much of this has and will continue throughout our life to corrode our Natural BE-INg...the person we were meant to become.

(Yes thats right, I said corrode!)

And as adults, this corrosion in action is often the reason we fear, doubt or stop the growth of our very continually hinders us, preventing us from becoming/being who we really are!

It has/will actually continually re-trap our free spirit within its grasp, stifling the soul that yearns to break free and fly free...
The yearning to just be...'ME'.

Ask yourself this please?

How much of what you actually do is actually by habit?

How much of what you fear is actually YOUR OWN fear?

How often do you hear yourself say "Ooooh no! I couldn't!" before you actually think about whether you can?

Have you EVER actually questioned these negative feelings or fears? I mean...really asked yourself 'how and why' they developed or 'where' they came from in the first place?

This is not to say that some of your fears are not warranted through your OWN experiences, but this again brings me back to my original point here...ARE they really YOUR fears?

Or do they really belong to someone else?

Are there things you think and feel and/or have done for as long as you can remember...perhaps since you were a child...that if you were to actually sit down and re-call them, you could NOT find why you do what you do....or where they actually began or how they become a part of your daily doing/thinking/feeling?

Are you copying what you learnt/witnessed? Can you remember your mother or father saying or doing something repeatedly throughout your developing years that you know YOU now do yourself... yet you really dont think, feel or believe it?

Perhaps there is a particular dislike or intolerance of a food, smell or a sound, maybe even a way of talking that really has no basis for you to feel negative toward, yet now you stop to think about it, you have actually just 'always' disliked the feeling of this particular thing and have accepted/adopted it as your own never knowing how or why?

Until you actually take the time out to sit and ponder this... it will continue...alot more than you are aware of!

So much of what we feel is stemed from our childhood. Even the way we react to certain 'key' words/thoughts/feelings is most always created by what we observed as kids, even as little babies.

Even more of what we 'grow up' learning to think and feel is actually dictated by a social conditioning. An 'accepted' way of thinking/being. Commonly known as 'The Norm'.

We therefore 'adopt and adapt' into this thinking/feeling as kids and adolecents and soon the majority of us never question it. We never loose it and therefore never replace it with our OWN thoughts and feelings. We become 'one of the many' lost in pre-constructed thinking.

We are taught to never question what just is!

Anyone who does is usually referred to as a 'Free Thinker' or a 'Radical Thinker' for they are not what is commonly called, known nor accepted as 'the norm'......which is really what we ALL should become as we grow!

And it is called being an INDIVIDUAL!

But sadly, many of us continue to carry throughout our lives the burden of many thoughts and feelings we just cannot explain or control. Feelings and thoughts, whose very presence within our mind we NEVER query as to why they are there in the first place, where they came from or their actual purpose/need to be there within OUR thought patterns at all.

How many times have you been asked to explain the reason you have said or done something...and you just cant?

Think about it!

Re-Claim and Re-Build your mind.

Think and feel ONLY that which REALLY is yours.

Author's Bio: 

Silver Queen (aka Kate Baker) and is a freelance writer and Psychic Medium from Sydney Australia who is curently residing in the UK. Her formal training is her life to date and the guidance of Spirit. Many of her articles and advice can be viewed on A Spiritual Walk MSN Group.