What does it mean to hear God’s voice? Is it possible for every-day people to hear from God? Do you get messages from God? Read on!

Many people have been told that hearing from God is unlikely, or even impossible. Prayer is okay, many people think, because that means a human is talking. But, actually hearing a message from God is suspect – some may even call you crazy if you claim such a thing!

You may have grown up believing that only certain people (priests, for instance) are able to know God’s words. These special people then have to pass on God’s words to the rest of us.

Or, you may believe that God’s thoughts, words or guidance are simply a mystery. These are things that humans aren’t meant to know, or can’t fathom, because they are too high above us.

Do these beliefs and opinions sound familiar? Traditional religion has perpetrated these ideas for many years. Luckily, there is a growing group of people these days that knows and teaches that it is not only possible to hear God’s voice, it is natural and in fact it’s our birthright!

The truth is, Spirit will use every possible opportunity to communicate with you. Messages are all around, all the time, if you know where to look. Each of us is not only able to hear spiritual messages, we are hardwired for it. It is impossible for us to be disconnected, no matter how confused or lost we may feel at any particular moment. Answers are always available, and Spirit finds many large and small ways to speak to us all day, every day.

Here are some ways you are probably already hearing God’s voice – you’re just calling it something else!

1. Intuition – that little knowingness that clues you in to information you would have no other way of knowing. This is the voice of your inner guidance speaking.

2. The still, small voice – sometimes called Holy Spirit, or Higher Self, this voice speaks inside your head to provide inspiration, guidance or reassurance. The voice usually speaks softly to provide a spontaneous answer, or some needed information.

3. Dreams – have you ever asked for an answer from your dreams? Try it before going to sleep – this is an easy way to get an answer that is for your highest good. Inspirational and precognitive dreams are very common for many people.

4. Signs – noticing and even asking for a sign is an ancient art. This can work spontaneously, or purposefully. Some people invent a special sign for a special purpose, or just to reassure themselves that they are being guided to a right decision or path.

5. Songs/art works/poetry – all art forms are great ways for God to speak to humankind. As examples, think of inspiring songs like “Give Peace a Chance,” and the poetry of Rumi, for instance. All art works that inspire are guideposts, messages, reminders of higher consciousness.

6. Feelings – one of Spirit’s favorite ways to contact us! Your feelings won’t steer you wrong – even those we call ‘gut feelings’ are from God! In fact, in ancient times, it was believed that part of the brain was in the gut because of this very phenomenon, and modern science is confirming this fact.

7. Other people – yes, any kind, loving and wise words are straight from God. The other kinds of words aren’t! So, if a friend (or relative) offers advice that makes you feel closer to God – those are words you can trust! On the other hand, if someone’s unsought counsel makes you feel fearful, or guilty, or anxious – feel free to ignore it. You can even get a message from an overheard conversation, if you’re paying attention.

8. Oracles – another ancient method for getting communication from a Higher Source. Just don’t overdo the I Ching, Tarot or horoscope – too much of a good thing can be counter-productive. Use your intuition to interpret the message.

9. Life experience - your whole world is a message from your Higher Self to you, if you have ears to hear and eyes to notice.

As you can see from these examples, Spirit is always communicating. Are you getting the message?

Author's Bio: 

Barbara Dutcher has been a spiritual seeker her whole life. She holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Education and is a spiritual teacher and certified spiritual counselor. Barbara teaches the 5-step process originated by DavidPaul and Candace Doyle for accessing inner guidance in a conversational way. She holds workshops and tele-classes on this 5-step process, and provides personal spiritual counseling sessions for private clients. Her website is theguidewithin.org.