Rosa Parks
Napoleon Hill
Rhonda Byrne
Mother Teresa

What do those legendary individuals have in common?

Throughout history, every human being at some point in their
life is faced with at least one pivotal life changing

Some will even experience a series of events that change the
course of their personal history forever.

I call those experiences your defining moments.

Defining moments are when a transformation or radical shift
occurs inside you and you are never the same afterwards.

Your defining moments may occur upon meeting a pivotal person
such as a mentor or when you lock eyes with your soul mate or
your spouse for the first time. Perhaps it is when you become a
parent, face an illness or experience the loss of a loved one.

Quite often, your defining moments are thrust upon you
unexpectedly. You may have been going about your day to day
life when something happens that causes a shift.

For others, there is another type of defining moment.

The type of moment that originates from within by making a
clear, conscious decision.

A decision that originates with the desire for change.

For Rosa Parks, it was on a bus in the south.

Her defining moment altered the course of American history.

For Napoleon Hill it was through the study of success.

His defining moments live on to this day in the timeless lessons
and books he gifted us.

For Rhonda Byrne, it was the commitment to realize her Goal of
making a certain kind of movie (The Secret).

Her defining moment left a monumental imprint on the modern day
personal growth industry.

For Mother Teresa, it was to devote her life to serving the
poorest of the poor.

Her defining moment led to a Nobel Peace Prize and a legacy
of contribution on a global level.

The one thing each of those legendary figures has in common is


They made a conscious decision to make a contribution beyond

They set their Goal despite the enormous odds against them.

They committed.

They took the necessary actions, no matter what, to see it

You see, you have the same ability to consciously create your
own defining moments any time you want.

You decide your destiny.

Don't sit around and wait for life to send you that defining

Create it by taking a stand for what you believe in, for who you
want to become and what you want to give and contribute to the

If you could give, be, have, do and become anything you want,
what would that be?

What is your legacy?

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Live Your Dreams

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