What do you want? To be thin, have more money, find the love of your life, feel calm and peaceful, not to be so stressed, to get unstuck, figure out what your going to do with the rest of your life, be successful etc?

Answer these questions:

What do you believe you will get if you have what you want in your life?

What emotions are associated with having what you want?

What people want in their life, is directly related to the emotion they believe they will get once they receive the want. Did you know that you don't have to wait to get your want to feel better. You can feel better now! This is empowering and when you can put yourself in the feeling state of having what you want, you increase your chances of getting the want 100%.

Your mind creates your thoughts, your thoughts when you believe them create your feelings, your feelings create your actions, your actions create your results in your life.

Here is a want:

I want to be lean and in good physical shape.

What does it feel like to be lean and in good physical shape?

* It feels energizing
* Feels like freedom
* It feels good

What do I have to think in order to feel lean and in good physical shape?

* I am capable
* I'm already in the process of being lean and in good physical shape
* I can decide how I want to feel today in this moment

You can think these thoughts right now in this very moment, go ahead try this exercise out and you will instantly feel better and put yourself in alignment with getting what you want! This is excellent news you can feel better now.

Much Joy,

Karen Fagan
Master Certified Life Coach

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