Before you have a life-changing, personal achievement in your life, you must have a personal breakthrough - Conquer Your “Chicken List”!

The “Chicken List” is your list of contacts that you would love to share your business with, but you don’t. Instead, you continue saying to yourself, “Only if, I could show him/her my business. I know that he/she would do it, but I am afraid to contact him/her.”

The key to having a personal breakthrough is to immediately pick-up your Chicken List and call them up! Prior to picking up that phone, go back and reread the article – “Your Best Friend the Phone”. Unless you do it now, you will never be able to conquer that one thing that is an obstacle to you achieving your “WHY” in life – your Chicken List.

I can personally tell you that when I speak about the Chicken List; people’s overall physiology negatively changes. They are instantly made to take a look at something that they don’t want
to see, hear or ultimately deal with. It is a hated emotion for most people simply because of FEAR.

Take a look at your business right now and realize that whatever your fearful of such as your “Chicken List” will ultimately produce your personal breakthrough. Remember that those people on your Chicken List are people too, and you “Why” is much more important than fearing others just because they intimidate you in some way.

I challenge you to make a decision and conquer your Chicken List that is holding you back from your personal breakthrough in your business. This conquest will result in you having an extraordinary personal breakthrough in your journey to fulfilling your ultimate “WHY” in life!

Find Your Why NOW!
John Di Lemme

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