We are the Captain on the ship of our lives.
Set sail with a goal in mind
A destination in sight
Chart your course of life, don’t create a map, you’ll only experience
Sometimes you’ll digress, but don’t despair,
Take another route, find another path, make another choice
Neither is wrong.

Sail on the ship of success
Anchor on the shore of your destiny

No matter what path you take choose to find joy along the way.

Along the ocean of life’s journey
There’ll be tornadoes, there will be hurricanes
Don’t worry, it will blow over regardless of the category
Stay strong, weather the storm, batten down the hatches

Believe in yourself, believe that you have the inner strength to handle whatever life’s storms blow your way
Yes, cry out in anger, let out the frustrations, cry out the pain in your body. Don’t hold it in and let it turn to poison.

A new day is dawning, the worst of the storm has passed
Your ship is now back on course
You are back in control.

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