Your life may seem difficult, heavy and meaningless. But at some point in your life, like everybody, you too have got moments where you were so close to your real you, that you thought you were in heaven. You were so perfectly aligned with yourself and your mission on earth that you felt the magic of life . You said “all is well.” In this article I will help you to discover your own secret success formula, so you can create those magic moments on purpose.

Close your eyes for a minute and view your life as in a movie, from your childhood until now. What are the moments that jump out? When did you feel fantastic? When did you have the feeling that life is beautiful? That you were so happy and light that you felt afloat? These are extraordinary moments were you touched your deepest core, your true nature.

It could happen anywhere: while you’re taking a walk in the forest, while working in the garden, witnessing a sunset, praying or meditating, making love, watching your children play, looking in your lover’s eyes, or even while dreaming. Maybe you won a certain competition, ran into an old friend, or met a wonderful new person. It could have been a grand pompous moment, or something inside yourself that nobody else knows about.

Now write down some of these moments, 3 or 4 of them, and write especially the feelings you had during these moments. What did you experience? Lightness, love, a sense of belonging, the feeling that everything was good and beautiful? Put yourself again in one of these moments, by your imagination and souvenir, and feel the experience as if you were in it again.

This was your real you. This IS your real you! Look at these moments : what did you do, with whom, where and how, that made you feel so wonderful, so very much yourself? Try to find the common element in these moments.

It’s pretty much like discovering the ingredients of a very good tasting bread.
What are the elements coming back in every of these magic moments? Does it always involve children, or elder people? Did you every time display a lot of courage or perseverance? Did these moments always occur while you were performing on stage, or working intellectually on a great project, or taking care of disabled people, or working with animals?

Try to find the ingredients of your success moments. Notice the environment in which they occurred, the feelings you experienced, what kind of people were around you, what you were doing, which talents you used, and if you needed courage, perseverance, faith, inner strength or another vertue.

Once you know the ingredients that made your moments of success, you can create those experiences again, on purpose.

Those “perfect moments” do not happen by accident. At these moments you were just perfectly aligned at your mission on earth. You were at the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing with the right people. This feeling of “rightness” gives you satisfaction and shows you how important it is to be on track with your mission.

On the other hand, when you are at the wrong place, the wrong time, doing the wrong thing with the wrong people, you feel awful. I’m sure you remember some of those moments. Terrible you felt, isn’t it?

To avoid those awful feeling, you should spend some time looking at your life to point out the perfect moments and to find out the common element, in order to be able to create those moments on purpose, as much as you like.

What does it take for YOU to be happy and to feel skywalking?

Repeat those moments on purpose! This will give you a feeling of mastery. This will transform you from a lost, depressed person into the captain of your soul! You would possess the success formula of your life and be able to create success moments as you like.

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