I don’t remember who said “age is only a state of mind,” but I truly believe that. We know getting older is inevitable, but aging doesn’t have to be. Chronologically we age each year, as our physical bodies deteriorate, but mentally how we age is up to us. And even some researchers and others like Deepak Chopra don’t feel our bodies have to age as we expect them to. There is a lot of information being brought to the public on ways we can keep our bodies younger.

To stay young physically, we need to select the best nutrition and exercise. Eating fresh, wholesome foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins is a fairly common recipe among most nutritional experts. Staying away from excesses of alcohol, sugar, and caffeine is also a popular remedy for staying young and healthy. And of course, smoking is out of the question. Regular exercise whether it’s engaging in a sport, working out at the gym, or a daily walk will also keep our bodies in better shape than not doing anything energetic.

But our minds are the seat of our ability to stay young at heart. Because our minds control our attitudes, our thoughts, our words, our feelings, and our actions.

If you accept the attitude that you are only as young as you feel, you will act younger, feel younger, and therefore look younger. Your attitude will be upbeat and modern as you stay abreast of current trends, adapt to changes in technology, and keep up with the “younger” generation. Your thoughts can keep you young by being open minded. We show our age when we get fixed in our opinions and perspectives. Stay young by being open, curious, and excited to keep learning.

Our words can also keep us younger longer by adapting to new terminology, giving up archaic phrases from our youth, and interacting with the younger generation. Emotionally you will stay young at heart by releasing rigidity, going with the flow, and following your passions. And your actions keep you young by being adaptable, learning new ways of doing things, and being open to change.

For example, we often learn from our parents and pass what we learn to our children. Wouldn’t it be “cool” if we started learning from our children instead? So instead of always preparing turkey, cranberry sauce, yams, and pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, ask your children what they want. And start a new tradition of salad, meatballs and spaghetti, and apple pie. Of course, you want to keep it as healthy as possible.

Staying young at heart is also more than just keeping your body healthy and your mind open. You can stay young at heart by coming from your heart in all you do.

Can you do your work from your heart–that is, giving service to your clients and sharing your talents from a place of caring? Can you treat your friends, family, and even strangers with love, kindness, and generosity? And can you love yourself in spite of shortcomings and because you are a truly unique and wonderful being?

Combine your healthy body, flexible mind, and living from your heart and you have a fail proof recipe for staying young at heart–and mind, and body!

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