Lt. Col. Bob Weinstein, USAR, ret., was one of the presenters at the International Speakers Network Workshop, September 18th-19th in Gatlinburg, TN. Col. Weinstein, aka the Health Colonel, talked about how to get your priorities straight and achieve your own personal bailout. He has been featured on the History Channel and Fox Sports Net.

He presented the topic How to Get Your Priorities Straight which will be published in the book titled Discover Your Inner Strength, also featuring Ken Blanchard and Brian Tracy. The book will be published by Insight Publishing. He also touches on both institutional and personal economic responsibilities to overcome today's challenges and create your own personal bailout strategy.

Col. Weinstein: "You are now the President of the United States of Your Life. You're going to take a look at the various cabinets and action plan each of them for improvement. You're in charge, so call a meeting of your various departments so that you can assess to improve them as Commander and Chief of your own decisions and choices."

"As Commander and Chief of your life you will call together your most important areas and raise them to cabinet level positions for assessment. They are:

1. The Department of Family, Friends, and Relationships
2. The Department of Finances
3. The Department of Justice, Ethics, Values, and Character
4. The Department of Formal and Informal Education
5. The Department of Health
6. The Department of God
7. The Department of Jobs and Careers
8. The Department of Social Life
9. The Department of Serving Others
10. The Department of Self-esteem
11. The Department of Home-life Security
12. The Department of Time"

"When you just don't feel like pursuing your priorities in life this is where you need a dose of what I call Vitamin D (D for Discipline). It's interesting that the word 'discipline' has become a dirty word in our society; it's rarely mentioned."

The International Speakers Network workshop is designed to provide professional speakers, trainers and consultants with practical information to enhance their career and the opportunity to network with other speakers and meeting planners. Some of the highlights of the workshop included presentations on book marketing, career development, marketing materials, and getting booked as a speaker.

Col. Weinstein: "This event was extremely informative and inspirational. There were many speakers on important topics from leadership to values to health. David Wright, the president of International Speakers Network, was very insightful about marketing. We also had the pleasure of meeting his awesome staff."

Author's Bio: 

Born in Washington, D.C., Lt. Col. Bob Weinstein grew up in Virginia and spent 20 years in Berlin, Germany; he is retired from the Army Reserve as a Lieutenant Colonel with 30 years of service and spent about half of that time as a military instructor with the Command & General Staff College.

He has been featured on radio and television, among others, on the History Channel and Fox Sports Net as well as in various publications such as the Washington Times, RAZOR Magazine, The Las Vegas Tribune and the Miami Herald.

His background is unique and diverse, including: military instructor, attorney, professional speaker, wellness coach, certified corporate trainer, and certified personal trainer. He is also fluent in German and English.

He is a popular professional speaker at corporate events and banquets and conducts military-style workouts on Fort Lauderdale Beach utilizing strength, cardio, flexibility and agility training -- both in personal training and group sessions.

He strongly believes in the importance of giving back to the community. Col. Weinstein volunteers his time for homeless and run-away kids at the Covenant House and also devotes time to training youth who are members of the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps.

He is a member of the National Speakers Association, International Speakers Network and the American Council on Exercise, and is currently working on a book about personal development, health, and fitness titled Change Made Easy.

Some of his previous clients as a guest speaker include: Sony, DHL, American Express, KPMG, AOL Latin America, IBM, AARP, SmithBarney, Green Bay Packers and Humana.