When you were born, you had all the conditioning within your cells to be and stay naturally thin, and upon staying in connection with your body – you stayed thin. You innately knew the difference between head hunger – which is when you “think” yourself into being hungry, versus having the physiological huger which shows up as a stomach nudge from within. As a baby, food’s only purpose was to satisfy your body’s need for more fuel. This is why babies start crying and then scream, because hunger is a physical sensation, that gets stronger and stronger and is actually painful.

You knew with precision, the exact foods you liked. And those foods which you hated – you indicated by spitting it out, turning your head, or wearing a sour expression on your face in sheer disgust.

There are two main reasons (85%) I see in my practice for why people begin to gaining weight and lose this natural sensation: (1) Control issues with a parent – most typically being a mom, but can also come in the form of a judgmental father and (2) Abuse of any kind – meaning physical, mental, emotional, verbal and/or sexual abuse. These two often instantly create a barrier or protection layer within the body and this intuitive instinct is overridden by the need for comfort, protection or safety. Sadly and often commonly, individuals seek out this emotional need and it comes out in addictive behaviors. Either people seek out cigarettes, drugs and alcohol, sex, or food.

When the connection with food takes on an emotional relationship, the physiological connection is often lost and disrupted. When you begin listening to your head to determine food quantity or quality weight gain occurs and dieting or diet programs become commonplace to help you slim down. But once you begin listening to other people’s advice regarding what you should or should not eat, this adds to the confusion and ultimately takes you further away from your body and your body’s needs.

If you’re like me, I used to think that someone else had the answers, knew more than I – but this was so wrong – but I was desperate! I was lucky to discover early on in my life that it’s actually about getting back to the basics of listening to your body and honoring your body like you did when you were a child instead of listening to what the diet industry says you should and should not do.

When I stop honoring my body, my body quickly puts on weight. When I listen, it quickly sheds weight – and the same has been true for thousands of others I’ve worked with. I have hundreds of testimonials from people who saw a difference, and saw it fast!

I have found that the industry that I’m loosely connected with (just because I help people slim down), actually does more harm than good. Slimming down doesn’t have to cost a dime – you don’t have to pop pills, pound raw eggs, or buy expensive fat burning products and powders to see results. it’s just about turning inward, quieting your body and listening.

The education available to you from ThinWithin.com returns you back to your natural state, where you existed when you were a child– it’s still there. It’s still part of you. Living Thin Within is your natural birthright.

Naturally thin people have retained this ability, which they inherited from birth. These thin individuals you see walking around make being skinny look easy is because their physical system for hunger is still in tact. The good news is that you can relearn to have it too. You are fully capable of learning new behaviors around reconnecting to your own body, because you learned new behaviors from the diet industry that took you away from listening to your own body. They just gave you the wrong information which created behaviors causing you to gain weight instead of losing it.

If you are heavier now than before you went on your first diet, that’s all the evidence you need to convince you that diets don’t work and never will, long term. To get back to the way your body is designed to look and feel, I strongly encourage you to find the support to get your body and life feeling whole again.

Author's Bio: 

Marna Goldstein, owner of ThinWithin.com took her body from a size 12/14 to a size 6/8 and has helped thousands around the globe do the same. For more information as to how to get back to the way your body is designed to look and feel, go to thinwithin.com.