It's human nature to want a better life, to strive for new things, and find meaning through our experience and existence. People are restless; they want a raise shortly after receiving the most recent one, they desire a promotion, new challenges at work and/or in their personal lives, better working and personal relationships, more understanding, newer cars and homes, and toys to entertain themselves. Are you the same way?

We are all surrounded by a host of opportunities to create a better life. Yet, many of us are so busy that opportunities to change our lives just slip by. We often put our focus on the trivial things that keep us stagnated and trapped in the status quo.

Focus and concentration are both excellent skills necessary for being able to create ideas and accomplish goals. However, when the activities you are engaged in are not aligned with your aspirations for a better life, you get different results than what you had hoped for.

What are you focusing on? Do the behaviors you engage in bring you the results you want? Do they bring you a better life?

Our world is chock-full of the information you need to make quantum leaps toward a dramatically better life. The keys to success abound in every book store, many resources on the internet, in CDs and DVDs, some TV, and in the people that we meet. There are ample opportunities to immerse yourself in learning what you need to know to create the better life that you want.

Some people choose to take that path of learning and enrichment. And others are unfocused and wonder why their lives are not better. In the role of an executive coach and developer of leadership skills, I find it easy to identify the person who wants a better life.

They're the ones who seek out materials, books, coaches, and opportunities to develop better work and personal leadership skills. They listen to every word, eagerly collect insights from publications and apply it their work and lives. They devour educational CDs in their car to learn and positively condition their mind.

They actually change how they think and engage in new more productive and effective behaviors.

Then the question becomes, are you lounging around watching a lot of TV, wasting time engaged in activities that don't lead to the life you desire? Are you ignoring and passing up opportunities to improve yourself? Or, are you engaged in a healthy balance of work, physical exercise, and learning and skill development that will lead to greater success and the better life you want?

If you're not getting the things you want in life, it's because you're not taking the actions necessary to get them. Remember, it's always your choice!

Author's Bio: 

Joe Farcht is the founder and president of Leadership Advantage, Inc. He develops and coaches leaders, executives, managers, supervisors and individuals to new levels of performance, competency, and success in their work and life. Joe is the author of the book Building Personal Leadership: Inspirational Tools & Techniques for Work & Life. He is also a certified executive coach, popular speaker, and master at leadership skill building with individuals and groups. You may learn more about him and his services at Please contact Joe at or call 602 996-1802.

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