Yesterday was Monday and I’m sure lots of people found it difficult to drag themselves out of bed to get ready for yet another week at whatever job they find themselves anchored to at the moment. Come Friday, they’ll be thinking TGIF as they plan their weekend to make the most of their “free” time.

But NOT me!

I LOVE Mondays!

In fact, I love every day of the week! But I especially love Mondays because I went through so much of my life hating them and it’s so incredible that I no longer feel the same way. During those years I, too, longed-for Fridays, but now it’s just another day when I get up when I wake up.

No alarm for me! Actually, the only time I’ve used an alarm clock in the past few years was one occasion when I needed to catch an early flight and I was nervous about waking up in time. I set the alarm, but ended up opening my eyes minutes BEFORE the alarm went off. So I haven’t even heard my alarm for a very long time.

What a blessing it is not to have that racket assail my ears and disturb my slumbers. I feel truly blessed to be in a position to sleep as long as my body needs and wake up refreshed and raring to go… well, maybe not EVERY morning, but more often than not!

No longer do I count down the number of days to the next long weekend or vacation time. No longer do I check the forecast and rely on the weather for Saturday and Sunday. I can do whatever I want… whenever I want.

That means going to the stores or the mall or the beach or anywhere else when it’s least crowded and the weather cooperates; taking advantage of weekday specials; driving in non-rush-hour traffic; attending school functions; etc. The advantages are endless.

You may wonder if I ever get any work done. The truth is, I can work when it suits ME best. If I wake up at 5:30 am and feel like it, I can work. The same goes for 11:00 at night. Being in a position to choose my working hours is such a blessing and one I take very seriously. Consequently, I never abuse it, although to be honest it really doesn’t feel like work.

I am grateful every single day for the choice I made a few years ago NOT to work at a JOB (Just Over Broke). It was a difficult decision and one that I struggled with for a while. But I have NEVER ever regretted it and count myself one of the fortunate few who take a 10-second commute from the kitchen to my “office”… without taking a shower… if I choose!

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