With over 40 books written, and after helping thousands of people change their lives by "updating their wealth operating systems", David Finkel now reaches out to the Spanish-speaking world.

At the very core of the Maui Millionaires program stands the belief that in order to achieve wealth, first you must transform the mental models that guide your actions. In fact, the mechanics of growing a successful business and making sound investment decisions are easily mastered if you overcome the outdated thought processes that almost all of us acquire growing up.

For years, David Finkel has been dedicated to helping others transform their financial prejudices as well as teaching practical skills and techniques necessary to build a solid financial future. Until now, his message and experience have been confined to an English speaking audience.

However, thanks to a collaboration agreement with a leading Spanish language business website, "http://www.Empresa-de-Exito.com", for the first time, contents from his book "Maui Millionaires" and other important works will be available to Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs all over the world.

Starting today, a choice selection of contents from David's writing will be published on the internet free of charge.

Dennis Lewis, editor for Empresa-de-Exito.com commented, "We firmly believe that the Spanish speaking world deserves to have access to the best business and financial information available. Spanish is the second most important language in the world, and hispanic businesspeople have the right to not feel left behind. That's why we started Empresa-de-Exito.com, and that's why we're so proud to be able to count with world class partners like David Finkel."

David Finkel in a recent interview said, "I love the notion of sharing our ideas
with a whole new part of the world... Having the opportunity to reach out to Spanish speaking people all over the world is something we couldn´t let go by."

At age 35, David sold off two of his successful multi-million dollar businesses for a hefty price and retired. But he soon grew tired of the quiet life, and later the next year he started up his dream company, Maui Millionaires®, a company that focuses on helping business owners and investors take their business and wealth to the next level. He's helped his clients become financially fluent, build successful multi-million dollar businesses, and to literally buy, build, and sell over two BILLION dollars of assets! (http://www.mauimillionaires.com)

David is a self described serial entrepreneur that loves building businesses and teaching other people how to successfully build businesses. But he also works with them to build wealth independent of their businesses. At $30,000 per couple, his sold-out Maui Mastermind® annual business and wealth retreat is arguably one of the most exclusive wealth events in the world. Participants are so thrilled by it that over 60% of the participants sign up to come back again and again.

In addition, he is a wealth activist, who does all he can to link together some of the world's most creative and talented entrepreneurs with important causes and charities around the world. Last year his Maui Mastermind® clients collectively raised over $5.1 million for 25 different charities around the world.

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Empresa-de-Exito.com is a website dedicated to bringing first class practical business and financial information to the spanish Speaking world. Built and run by businesspeople for businesspeople, Empresa-de-Exito covers all areas of your business. From advice for new entrepreneurs to in depth articles on marketing, human resources, customer satisfaction and management questions anyone interested in growing and protecting their businesses should visit www.empresa-de-exito.com.