I admit that on the surface this may seem like a confusing statement. After all, we are taught to go after the things that we really want.
Further, the Law of Attraction is to attract the things that you most want in life. Then you are probably wondering why the conflicting statement?
The key to the statement lies in an early Greek phrase, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”
Does this mean, as you think about the things that you really want? Or, does it refer to the things that you desire most, but don’t think you are worthy of?
What this statement is referring to is the dominate thoughts that are in your mind. Let me explain…
“As we thinketh in our heart” means as you actually believe. Your true beliefs!
You see, quite often people will talk about all of the troubling things in their life. The things that go wrong, all of the challenges that they face.
If they should have a run of what they would call, “good luck,” then their focus is not on the good, but when the good will end.
As soon as their “luck” begins to change, they make the comment, “Oh I knew it couldn’t last.” And, they were correct. It couldn’t last.
Not because of anything to do with “luck,” but with the thoughts that they really dwell on in the course of their day. In short, what they really think about, or, “as they thinketh in their heart.”
So if you constantly dwell on the negative events in your life and in one fleeting moment, give some thought to the possibility that things could change, what can you expect?
The subconscious mind always responds to the dominate thoughts of the conscious mind. That is what the Law of Attraction, attracts to you and has you attracted to!
Each time you switch focus, that is switch from the positive to negative thoughts, you effectively set your goal back to square one.
If you constantly, consistently and persistently dwell on your goal, to the exclusion of outside events, then you establish a new habit.
Once your habit is established, your subconscious mind will do everything it can to make sure you have everything you need to reach your goal.
However, if you sporadically focus on your goal, then go back to focusing on the problems in your life, your subconscious will treat that new goal as just another random thought and take no action on it.
Just about everyone who has ever met with a setback to accomplishing their goal can trace their setback to their pattern of thinking, to the thoughts they really held in their heart, the true dominate thoughts of their mind.
Remember, you will only attract what you are, what you really think about.

Author's Bio: 

For over twenty years I have had a passion for studying the principles, methods and techniques of spiritual, and personal growth and development. Over the past 10 years in addition to private and corporate consulting, I have lectured and conducted workshops in various parts of the country to help others learn these principles and techniques, and to teach how thoughts and emotions affect personal and corporate performance and well-being, to teach individuals how to connect and recognize the true Infinite Source.
I am an Ordained Minister in the Agape’ Center of Metairie, LA. I have a Master’s degree in counseling and a N.H.D., Doctor of Natural Health. I am certified as a trainer in Neuro Linguistic Psychology and Clinical Hypnotherapy. I am also a licensed and certified Life Success Consultant.
For the past 20 years I have studied ancient writings and teachings with 2 of the remaining true initiatory mystery schools existing today.