Yet, you waste a ton of time and energy trying to do just that. When you could be selling a whole lot more insurance, and doing a whole lot less work if you just knew how. Instead of trying to convince a suspect, only focus your efforts on people who’ve already decided they want what you have.

It isn’t that the people who don’t want to be sold are rejecting you they’d reject anyone because they just don’t want and don’t have an interest in what you’re offering. Trying to sell to these people is foolish and self-abusive. And you do it because you’re focusing on trying to fill your appointment book when your real focus should be on only filling your appointment book with people who want to talk to you.

Whether you’re communicating face-to-face, on the phone, or through any print marketing material you need to help your ideal client to go through a thought process that makes them want you to help them buy. To do that you need to understand your market and what they want and what they want to avoid. And you need to develop questions that help the prospect to make small continual “yes” decisions that have little if any risk until they get to the big “yes”.

Your first question may be about something they don’t want or don’t like. If they can answer “yes” to that question then you can take them to a question that leads them to something they do want or would like. You might add a question that helps them to think about how getting what they want might benefit them in other ways.

Then you must have your final question that gets them to give you permission to talk to them or show them something about what they want. The way you phrase this question is very important. Here’s a good example, “if I can show you a way to get (whatever they really want) would you be interested in learning more about that”?

Now that you’ve gotten them very interested and excited to know more you have to have a great offer to get them to take action. As you know the best way to help someone buy is to engage and involve them. So using that proven technique develop an offer that engages and involves them in their “yes” decision.

Here’s what I mean by that. Have you ever noticed that even in a face-to-face situation when someone seemed to be on board that when you asked for the appointment they backed away and gave you an objection or stall? That’s because the moment you went directly for the sale you actually damaged your opportunity for insurance sales success.

You can prevent that if you have an offer that is low risk and high value, so saying “yes” to the offer is a no-brainer decision. Plus you want the offer to deepen the relationship and experience they have with you building trust and rapport. You may have a report you can send them, and audio explaining it, or an event you invite them to. You’ll actually sell much faster taking the seemingly slower approach plus you’ll get far more referrals.

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