Successful people immediately take action to implement their plans and ideas. In contrast, unsuccessful people rarely ever implement anything they learn. They get caught in the learning and analysis trap and can’t move forward and take action.

Plus unsuccessful people don’t take action because they have to ask everyone around them for their opinion. And usually the people around unsuccessful aren’t successful people. So, why would you ask someone who can’t succeed themselves if you should do something that would help you to succeed?

To an outsider successful people seem to follow the behavior pattern of ready, fire, aim. That’s because they’re always ready and willing to take action. So they’ll immediately take action without appearing to take aim because they have a clear plan for what they’re trying to accomplish at all times.

The best time to take action on something that will move you closer to success is always now. The biggest reason you aren’t able to do that though is because you focus on information rather than the facts. To do that you must identify what you do know and what you don’t know.

Make sure what you do know is fact based and not information based. This confuses most people because they can’t differentiate between information and facts. Facts are based on undeniable truths and root causes.

Information is based on thoughts and perceptions. And it’s very easy to take those thoughts and perceptions and turn them into realities. For example, you have information about outside circumstances and people but the fact is that only you determine your actions and outcomes.

So how do you move away from your unsuccessful behaviors? Thinking about what success means to you and how you would get that, what is the one thing you could do right now? Take that action no matter how big or how small and don’t allow yourself to waiver from your decision.

Commit to taking at least one action each and every day that will take you closer to success. Start thinking in terms of actions and outcomes rather than projects and challenges. You manifest what you focus on, so focus on the ultimate outcome you want and the specific actions you must take to get it.

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