The economic downturn has got us all wondering what we can do to ensure the success of our businesses.

As women I feel we have an edge that will help us through. We have the outlook that helping others will in turn help us prosper. We stick together though thick and thin!

It is so important to focus on this during these times when our fellow business women need a little help to stay a float, not just in the economic down times, but anytime things may not be going well for one of our fellow business associates.

So, what are some things we can do as professional business women during this challenging time?

Continue to network even though you may be tempted to lay your focus elsewhere. Keeping up the relationships that you have built is one of the most important keys to success to keep things moving for your business.

Stay positive! This is not a time to give up. Keeping a positive outlook will help ensure the success of your business and of those around you. Remember happiness is contagious, just as a positive outlook can be to someone who is discouraged by the way things are going. Your positive outlook and encouragement may be just what they need to remember that they can succeed!

Don’t fall into the Lone Wolf Syndrome. This is no time to go into hiding. It is easy to do when times are a little slower and tougher. We tend to cut all outside expenses and try to do it all ourselves end up working 24/7 and lose touch with the outside world and let the wonderful relationships we have built.

Position yourself as an expert in your field. You need to be visible everywhere possible. There are many cost efficient ways to get yourself in the spotlight. Volunteer, help at events, speak at meetings, hold free workshop, advertise co-operatively, just to name a few.

Create your brand and make yourself stick out in the crowd. Play with attractive colours and designs and get yourself seen! Perhaps it is tie for a new logo or tagline?

Spice up your marketing. Hold a contest, sponsor a charity or event, come up with a promotion people cannot resist!

Find your niche. Concentrating on one main thing sometimes has its advantages. You can do your very best and put your full effort into it giving what you do its place in the spotlight.

Blog, yes Blog your heart out! Open up the communication between you and your clients and potential customers! Remember to keep your blogposts short & sweet and offer more if wanted like giving a link to the full article on your website or give it as a bonus if they sign up for your newsletter! Be creative.

Network Online. Social Networks are continually on the rise and are a great way to meet fellow business people who we can learn from and set up new relationship.

Author's Bio: 

Sherry Simoes is owner of Creative Concepts and Founder and President of Women of Today – A Networking Group for Women that specializes in marketing and promoting your business professionally and affordably. You can contact her at