You are a practicing Being Unstoppable! You are someone committed to having it all...right?

You want the money, you want the freedom, and you want the joy of want to be inspired and in action on your dreams...feeling the exhilaration of being a fully engaged adult on this planet...creating what you want out of thin air!

Yet, you are not wired to create that as your reality. You are wired to be a fearful, frustrated, scared, mad, mean, nasty, reactive and forceful. You are wired to keep things the same, not change too much, not expand too much, stay in control, don't let things get out of control...If you are in this class, then you are destined for success and happiness! Hello! You are destined for bliss...supreme happiness and you get that? Your mind is the key component. Actually, getting beyond your mind is more accurate.

How you choose to view your situation will either create suffering or joy. You can suffer or you can feel peace, joy, and bliss...and, of course, be unstoppable, do what you want...have what you want...ask for what you want...go for it...say up...create...invent...and be totally inspired...You are learning the have the choice.

While practicing the principles of Being Unstoppable, the problem you will face over and over is not being aware of the mechanics of your mind (The Drunk Monkey). Success and happiness will be drawn to someone like you either way. The only question is, do you want to succeed and suffer, or do you want to succeed and feel joy? Where have you been stuck? Where have you been stopped? What isn't moving forward?

Today, right now, do something about that! Who can you call? What action can you take? What have you been putting off? Don't let The Drunk Monkey convince you that some crazy negative future is going to happen. You aren't in a dangerous position. Give me a break. You are creating the life of your dreams. That's not dangerous. That's exciting. Are you mistaking the energy of excitement for the energy of danger? Give that up.

Just experiment. Be a scientist. See what will happen. There is no failure, only feedback. I wonder what result you will produce? If you haven't been taking action, you have forced the situation to be other than what you want. Avoiding taking action is concluding a negative result. Give that up. Take the action today and see what happens. Be interested and detached.

Look for the synchronicity, the unexpected, unexplainable, good fortune that is happening all around you. And when you spot it, report it. Celebrate it. Get excited about the luck and good fortune you experience, even when it doesn't fully manifest. You might only get the signal that what you want is coming. Perfect. Get excited about that.

Say this statement all day "The right people and the right circumstances are coming into my life at the right time today." You know what to do. The link below is there for you to report your miracles, victories, and wins. Do it.

Author's Bio: 

Matthew Ferry is an Author and a coach for conscious business people and executives who are committed to feeling bliss and happiness and using that energy to create a successful life. Life Coaching and being a life coach is his main course.