Over the years, network marketing has really picked up a huge momentum. In fact several large corporations have adopted network marketing as the key marketing strategy to distribute their products and services across the globe.

Another interesting fact to note is that many of the newer network marketing companies have not been limiting themselves to just wellness or weight loss products. There are now mlm companies in dozens of consumer categories. Here are just a few examples:

Beauty and Make-up (Mary Kay, Arbonne, Beauticontrol...)

Home decor (Southern Living at Home)

Weight Management (Isagenix, Mannatech, Usana, Liquidity...)

Dietary supplements (Shaklee, Mannatech, Usana, Liquidity, Agel...)

Personal Development Education (Success University, Empowerism)

Soy Candles (Mia Bella)

Kitchen Gadgets and Cookware (Pampered Chef)

Natural pet foods (HealthyPetNet)

And there are many other consumer categories that I don't have room to mention here. There truly is some type of product or service out there for just about anyone to like.

So how did the ultra-successful, top earners do it? Their success was in making the right choice of network marketing companies, coupled with consistent efforts on their own part. Many have made small fortunes for themselves, being associated with top-selling mlm companies.

And so we see that the selection of the right company is of utmost importance while beginning a network marketing career. After all, you as a distributor would be investing your precious resources in to it even before you are being compensated. And it's more than just money being invested. It is also going to require your time, focus, energy and aspirations.

It is important to perform thorough research on various aspects about the company that you propose to join, before you finalize your decision. Here are three issues to consider:

1. The number of years the Network Marketing Company has been around. The more the number of years, the more stable it is and the more number of distributors that would be affiliated with it.

2. The Financial Muscle of the Company. It is very important that the network marketing company that you are associated with is financially sound and is able to pay the commissions and incentives to its distributors, on time and every time.

3. As a rule, it is better to be associated with a publicly held company rather than a privately held one, since they are obligated by law to submit financial details to the public and to government oversight agencies.

Once you find the above in order, you can analyze the compensation plan, review the experiences of other distributors(search on the internet for actual, legitimate distributor complaints), review the product line, and interview your sponsor. There is no need to be paralyzed by microscopic details that you may uncover, but the more information you have, the more likely your decision will be a good one.

All network marketing companies are not created equal. There are some very bad apples out there, spoiling the reputation of the rest. If you take the time to do the research outlined here, your choice will be solid and your new network marketing business will begin on the best possible foundation.

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Cathy is an online entrepreneur and network marketer. Learn more about top network marketing companies at Network Marketing Review and discover effective strategies for online lead generation.

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