There are thousands of programs circulating on the Internet. Some of them are great and some not so great. The problem is, you never know which is which until it is too late. Recently, I got a number of emails that went like this:
“Opportunity is knocking today.
Let me explain.
Russell Brunson is launching "IM MYTH", a new product that will expose the misconceptions about Internet marketing and ultimately lead to higher profits.
Russell has been in the business for quite a while and this promises to be a valuable product.
Now, I'll get to the point.
Russell will pay you $1 for every person that you refer who downloads a free report from his website!
And, he will also pay you .50 cents for every lead your referrals send him.
That's right, you get paid on 2 levels.
Go sign up now to start earning your commissions.
Although I have never promoted giveaways like this in the past, I have an associate who tried a similar promotion and made some money.
Russell is going to pay everyone by PayPal on October 31, 2007, so there will not be a long wait to get paid.
This promotion is only good through October 9, 2007 so HURRY!
Go sign up as an affiliate now.
Once you are signed up, where can you promote his report? Your website, blog, eBay About Me page, forums, your mailing list, everywhere.
This could be your chance to make some money for the holidays.”

I spoke to an acquaintance of mine who said she was involved with a similar program some time ago and she made some money with it. So what do you think I did? I signed up, of course. I’ll let you know how it works out in November. In the meantime, maybe you should sign up, too. After all, it’s free to join.

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