There was dancing in the street when the Jive Aces, with their hallmark jive music and contagious sense of humor, got everyone into the "swing" of it at the grand opening of the new Church of Scientology Mission of York in the United Kingdom.

Unfortunately, life in the UK can fall quite short of this kind of fun. In fact, according to a survey released this week, despite 60 per cent of the nation's workforce believing that conflict is unhealthy, almost a third of workers (30.7 per cent) clash with their colleagues on a weekly basis. And stress is now one of the major causes of absenteeism in the country.

The Church of Scientology Mission of York, with its full array of Life Improvement Courses, and its Dianetics stress testing, workshops and counseling, tackles these kinds of problems.

For example, the Scientology Handbook has a chapter on how to resolve conflicts. Volunteer Ministers and other Scientologists who study this information find it easy to opt out of the"unhappy"category of those who lack skill in relationships.

The Mission also has a large inventory of books and taped lectures by Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard. Many a person has been able to change things for the better just by studying one of these books or lectures and applying the information to his or her life.

So, with the opening of the new Church of Scientology Mission of York there is indeed a lot to celebrate!

For more information, contact the Mission at: or visit them at Matmer House, Suite 4, 35 Hull Road, York YO103JW.

Author's Bio: 

Linda is long term Scientologist and Scientology Volunteer Minister. She is also an editor on the online Scientology News Room.