Eileen is a jeweler who is in her early sixties. She also is a widow of several years. She had a chronic pain in her left shoulder that had been there for years. She described it is a dull ache that was deep in her shoulder joint. She said that it was registering as a "6-7" on the 0-10 intensity scale.

I asked her what would her shoulder say if it could speak to us. What came up were feelings of inadequacy, fear of being dependent, fear of disability and limitation, and aging. She was tired of shouldering responsibilities; wanted to put down her burden; and release the pain.

Statements that she used while rubbing her sore spot:

*"Even though I feel adequate....."

*"Even though I have fear of being dependent ....."

*"Even though I have fear of disability ....."

*"Even though I am afraid of limitation ....."

*"Even though I feel tired of shouldering responsibilities ....."

"I choose to put down my burden and release whatever is causing this pain in my shoulder."

She felt some emotions, and had a few tears when she tapped on shouldering responsibilities, and putting down her burden. We checked in after tapping and her pain intensity went down to a "3".

Then she tapped on:

*"Even though I am afraid if I release this burden that I'll crash and burn financially ...."

The intensity dropped down to a "1"--where it was not registering as pain but as a sensation. I talked to her recently, and the pain has not returned in a year and a half.

Author's Bio: 

JoAnn SkyWatcher is an energy healer. She uses Spiritual Mind Treatment, Visualization, Breath, and Emotional Freedom Techniques. She lives with her Beloved husband, Steve Ryals, author of Drunk with Wonder: Awakening to the God Within in the remote hills of Northern California.

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