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Oprah has extended her contract until 2011, that means you can still get on her show. You have to know how to get on the show. You also need to know how to make the most of it while you are there! Being on the show can mean millions of dollars worth of free publicity. Many people know that being on Oprah will make their book a best seller or increase sales of their products and make them millionaire. But many people do not watch the show. You have to watch the show and really understand what it’s about. This will assist you in making your topic relevant There is nothing worse for a producer, than listening to someone pitch topics that are totally inappropriate for the show. I host a woman’s talk show. I was pitched a topic on how to date women and get sex without a commitment. That is not a topic compatible with my show. When you record the shows and watch them, look at the credits on the end. There will be producers listed. Take notes on what the show was about and who was the producer. You will then know who to talk to about your topic.

Notice I said topic. You want to get them interested in a topic, then you can come in with your book or as an expert. You can modify your approach for what ever is the hot topic of the day. I like to look at headlines online and get a feel with what the big stories are. There is a section on her web site where you can get ideas of what they are looking for. Take time to think about each topic and see if you can possible fit into it.

Create for yourself 3 sound bites. These are exciting sentences that convey your message best. They are great for when you are too nervous or forget something, you can always bring the conversation back around to those 3 items.

You want to practice them so that they are automatic. Practice talking to teens, they will help you stay sharp. They are easily bored, so they will help you stay on target.

Try getting on local radio and television shows. Every town has local cable shows looking for guests. Some shows have a Fee-for-Feature format which doubles as an advertisement for the guests. The Wright Place TV Show is on Southern California Cable, Dish and Direct TV and also has an internet broadcast.

Our Fee-for-Feature format helps defray costs and effectively creates an infomercial for the show guest. See for more information. The more shows you do, the more comfortable you will be when you get to Oprah.

When you call a producer to ‘pitch’ your topic, be brief. Your first 3 sentences have to wow them. You won’t be able to talk them into it. If they are interested they will ask questions. If not, they will quickly get off the phone. Do not keep talking and talking and talking. If you have to leave voice mail, make it brief and to the point. Do not leave any mystery as to why you called and what your topic is. A busy producer does not have time to call just to satisfy their curiosity. There must be some clear benefit for the viewers of the show. If they are not interested, don’t give up. Pitch again later, pitch a new topic. Just keep moving forward. You have until 2011!

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Dr. Letitia S. Wright, D.C. is the host of The Wright Place TV Show and the National Association of Female Executive’s 2004 Entrepreneur of Excellence. The show is seen on television and the internet at She is available for comments or questions at 909-635-2040 or info@wrightplacetv.comAsk for your FREE Report : 5 Fast Steps to Getting Your Book or Business on TV