1. Blog- blogs are easy to use and maintain and give you the freedom of updating as little or as much as you want. You can have blogs where you write, create audio or even video if you want.

2. Power PR- More women business owners are understanding the power of Public Relations and making sure News Releases about them or their businesses go out about 5-9 times a year.

3. Mentoring-women are getting formal mentoring for the specific areas of their business they want to improve. They are also getting coaches. The secret to good coaching is the person coaching has to be able to prove their have already done what they are helping you do. Many will tell you I don’t have to gone to Chicago to tell you how to get there. But if you have gone to Chicago, you can tell me the BEST route, not just how to get there.

4. Ask For the SALE- Carl Turner who worked for Jay Abraham and created 4 Million dollars in sale for 4 months for him, says women don’t ask for the sale.
Ask for it with a straight voice, make it almost a statement, not a question. But Ask for the sale, don’t just make conversation.

5. Teleseminars- giving and getting them. This is a great way to connect with your customers or learn a new skill without the expense of travel. Webinars are going to quickly overshadow teleseminars because you can actually see the person and there will be no long distance charges applied.
6. Joint Ventures- Working with others who serve a similar client makes both businesses prosper. The Wright Place TV Show works with www.theartofrest.com
As well as Beauty and the Beads - Marguerite9@earthlink.com It also lowers the cost of advertising.

7. RSS- This is new but you can use RSS to get the information without surfing for it, it comes to your desktop, and your customers can get your information every time you update it. Those who know how to use RSS will jump ahead of everyone else. You need a RSS reader, the one at www.pluck.com is very useful in a lot of different ways.

8. Be Different- in order to get more sales, there must be something different about you. I heard of a theatre chain on the east coast that has the Egyptian theme. Now, if they can only find an alternative to the ‘Butter’ stuff, we’d all be healthier

9. Personalize- everyone is trying to make their business warmer to the customers. This holiday I was in the Philadelphia, San Antonio, and Orland Airports, all of them had live Christmas music- it was a nice touch for busy travels.

10. Mastermind- having a group of peers that you can brainstorm with , or try ideas out on is great. Your mastermind group needs to be functioning at the level you aspire to. Everyone working together to help each other grow their business. Have a set meeting time that cannot be changed.

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