A house is only as strong as its foundation. My husband, a home builder, taught me this important piece of wisdom. Without a well designed, solid infrastructure, a house is doomed to constant problems and costly repairs. Do you remember the hilarious movie, Money Pit? The newlyweds idyllic vision of a happy, harmonious home were put to the test as they found themselves having to fix one disaster after another.

Just as a house requires strong foundation, so do we. Our personal infrastructures includes several components such as getting our basic needs met, having ample reserves of time, money, and love, healthy self care routines and living a life that is authentically based on our truest values.

Stress and failed dreams can be traced back to you lifestyle. If you have a weak personal foundation, you WILL have obstacles to overcome. Obstacles that are annoying, time consuming, and frustrating! If you find yourself in this position, constantly fixing snafus, you will find yourself simply too tired and discouraged to go for your big dream. You’ll feel frustrated because these obstacles seemingly have little to do with the fulfillment of you desired goals. It’s similar to being on a treadmill. You work very hard yet don’t feel like you are advancing as quickly as you would like.

As a Success Coach, I know the value of having and maintaining a strong personal foundation. It’s absolutely essential if you want to have a great life! In my practice I offer a wonderful tool called the “Clean Sweep” program which gives you the “head up: on where you stand with your Personal Foundation. The higher you score the better your life will become, guaranteed! As a special offer to all my readers, I invite and challenge you to take the “Clean Sweep”. Send me an e-mail expressing your interest and take this life changing (and free!) assessment today.

Here’s a case study of one of my clients: Peter was struggling to deep his contracting business afloat. He came to coaching wanting to learn how to earn a higher income. Quickly the core of his financial woes became apparent; his personal life was a mess. There were problems in several areas of his life, including a rocky relationship with his wife, clutter, disorganization, lack of delegation, and low grade depression. Peter’s life was falling apart even though he was desperately trying to deep everything together. Peter’s valuable time and energy was spent fixing problems. It was basically impossible for him to move forward and pursue his big dreams of a wildly successful business.

Once Peter fully understood the direct correlation of his weak Personal Foundation to achieving high levels of success, he readily committed to upgrading his life. He took the “Clean Sweep” assessment and began to take action. The first steps Peter took included marriage counseling, a consultation with a top financial planner (which enabled him to adhere to a fiscal plan that included paying off debts and increasing savings). He also chose to discontinue eating fast food meals and opted instead to eat more meals with this family. His new healthy diet and Vitamin supplements dramatically increased his physical energy and stamina. Within 90 days Peter transformed his personal foundation from crumbling to solid and substantial. He was now able to move forward on his bigger goals because of renewed energy and focus.

Want to achieve all of you dreams and goal? Do a Personal Foundation tune up ASAP! How might you increase your own levels of peace, prosperity and personally happiness? What are the cracks in your foundation? Is it in your Relationship skills? Communication skill? Finances? Health and Well Being?

My coaching challenge to you? Learn specific ways to “cement” your personal foundation so you have the strength and energy to soar with your dreams. Here’s to “Clean Sweeping” your life and to your continued success. Cheers!

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Success Coach and Speaker, Diana Long, is the President of the Life Design Institute. Diana can help you transform your dreams into reality and give you the shortcuts to success with her variety of life-changing programs and products.
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