In my work as a speaker on dreams, one key point stands out overall: in most cases dreams are in some way helping individuals to prepare for change.

Dreams of fallen elevators, racing cars or homes with windows which can't be opened, all in some way reflect the relationship between the inner change and the outer life. We may feel out of step, unprepared, afraid, or simply ill at ease prior to a change in our lives.

This dream tells me where I am in relationship to my own changes, and the work that needs to be done to prepare.
I'm at home when someone knocks at the door. I answer to find a young, attractive, blond German man. He asks for something in German or a language I can't understand. After a moment of trying to understand, I ask him to come in and look around. Then I realize the place is empty except for some leftover traces of trash and it looks like I am moving.

He turns around and leaves. I feel badly for I am attracted to him. Looking out the window, I see his car and observe that a woman is with him. I think to myself, 'He has a girlfriend already.'

Then I see it's actually a small child and I see that she looks like me. He points to me and says to the child, "She looks like you."
The man at the door is a representation of love and wholeness. He comes from Germany, a country once divided by a wall separating east from west. Now as the country struggles to integrate its two halves there is some turmoil.

The language barrier indicates the foreignness I feel towards the part of myself I have been separate from for so long. I had been isolated in myself but now a movement will occur as demonstrated by the empty house.

I feel inadequate because of his beauty and purity. But we are already one as the dream shows, for the child is the evidence of the consummation of our relationship. The child is the product of our union, and she looks like me. This speaks of the "I am" taken from various holy writings and indicating Soul seeing itself as pure spirit and knowing that it is one with itself.

To claim this for myself the dream pointed to the test of self worth that was to follow. In the next while my lessons and life experiences would begin to prove this point.

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Darlene Montgomery is an internationally respected authority on dreams, spiritual perspectives and ideas. She is an author, speaker and clergywoman who speaks to groups and organizations on uplifting subjects. Her newest book, Dream Yourself Awake, chronicles the journey she took to discover her own divine mission. Her stories have appeared in Chicken Soup for the Parent's Soul, Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul, WTN website, Eckankar Writers Newsletter.